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Unit 3 HSC Level 3 P 1 - 10 possible hazards that may occur in a childcare provider setting

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´╗┐Selena Ahmed Unit 3 Jonathan Assignment A (P1) - 10 possible hazards that may occur in a childcare provider setting 1. Leaving sharp objects; scissors/knives left lying around: This is a potential hazard as this can cause harm to someone when not used appropriately. It can be a hazard towards children that may not know how to use sharp objects safely which may result in them cutting their fingers or any other part of their body as well as harming another child unintentionally which can result in serious injury or death. 1. Spillages on the floor from liquids: This is a hazard and adults and children can slip due to the spillage on the floor which can cause a serious injury. This can result in a broken leg or arm or perhaps fracture the leg or arm which would be an emergency as it would need to be seen to by a doctor. ...read more.


1. Loose wires lying around: This is a hazard for adults and children as they may trip over the wires and hurt themselves and cause an injury. This hazard can cause adults and children to trip over the wires which may result themselves bruised due to the hazard, however if somebody was to trip over the wires and fall onto a hard object such as; a hard table corner this may cause a serious injury. 1. Placing toys and games in high places: This could be a hazard to children because if a child attempts to get a toy from a high place they may end up injuring themselves in the process for e.g. if a child used a stool to reach to the toy the child may lose balance and fall of the stool which can cause an injury. The hazard could cause the child to injure themselves from falling from a high place which could bruise or fracture a bone in the child?s body. ...read more.


This hazard may cause permanent scarring if they were accidently to have a hot drink spilt on them it could cause their skin to burn and scald which would leave scars. 1. Smoking: Smoking around children is a hazard because it could cause illness and it is harmful to their health. This hazard could affect everyone because of inhaling second hand smoke this could lead to health problems and illnesses especially if the person suffers from asthma and was to inhale second hand smoke which may cause them to cough a lot and result into an asthma attack. 1. Furnisher being stacked up inappropriately: This is a hazard because if the furnisher was to fall on anybody it could cause some serious harm. This hazard could cause someone to break a bone or possibly die depending on how heavy the furnisher is, furnisher not been stacked properly is hazardous to all because if the furnisher was to fall on somebody especially a child it would cause serious injuries. ...read more.

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