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Unit 3, Legislation and working with children.

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´╗┐Kirtan Kaur 416.000 12/733950 Unit 3 Assignment E1: Identify FIVE (5) pieces of current legislation 5 pieces of Legislation 1. The Children Act (1989) 2. The Data Protection Act (1989) DPA 3. Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) HASAWA 4. The UN Convention on the Rights of The Child (1991) CRC 5. The Disabled Persons Act (1986) E2: Describe how each piece of legislation will influence working practices in the setting. The Children Act (1989) influences the setting because this act believes that children should be ?encouraged to make their own decisions, to be consulted and to be kept informed about everything that will happen to them? and this means that if the child is getting moved to a higher class or is going to get a new teacher/key worker that he/she must be told this information and explained to. It also aims to ?work in partnership with parents and to protect the child from harm?, this means that the setting should take all necessary precautions to ensure that the child is protected from all harm. So this could mean putting a password on the door so that persons who are not authorised will not be allowed entry, this would protect the child immensely. The Data Protection Act (1989) stated that ?personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specific or lawful purposes this means that personal data about the child e.g. DOB, medical needs, and family/personal issues should not be shared with people who are not permitted a this could cause serious damage to the child physical and emotional as someone with a grudge against the child/family could use this information for spiteful reasons. This means that if a child is in danger that would be a reason to use their information, or if they are having an allergic reaction. I carry this out in my practice by not talking about children or their personal information outside of the practice or to other people. ...read more.


Another strategy that is effective would be challenges. Challenges are a great way to help children build up their confidence because if you set a child a challenge and they overcome the challenge, they will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and in the future they won?t be scared or nervous to try new challenges or achieve their goals in life. E6: Give examples of how settings may prepare children for transfer or transitions A transition means ?change from one position, state or stage to another?. If a child was starting school then a way for the setting to help prepare the child would be to take the child and their carer/s to the schools for them to have a tour and also for them to meet their new teacher and classmates. This will help because when the child actually officially starts the school then they will not feel scared or nervous because they have already met the teacher before and they attempted to make friends also. A way that my setting prepares a child for starting nursery is that the child?s original teacher or someone they are familiar with could take the child to the nursery and let them spend a day in the nursery, this will help because the child will have someone familiar by their side but they would also be Also the setting could help the child to prepare for this by talking to the child one on one and asking them their thoughts and opinions meeting the new teachers and adapting to the new surroundings. A transition could mean that there has been a death in the family, whether a pet of human. A way to prepare a child for this would be to read them children?s stories that contain death, and also to sit down with the child and the child?s carer and slowly but efficiently explain to the child what has happened to that person or pet and where they have gone, depending on the child?s religion. ...read more.


He also discovered that some of the adolescent thieves (32%) had presented ?affectionless psychopaths?; this phrase means that they were unable to care about or show affection toward others. All 44 children of the control group were free of ?affectionless psychopath condition?. His theory supports ?empowerment? for the reason that if the practice knows that a child has not been in contact with their mother through the essential stage then they ought to permit the child to engage in individual activities in relation to separation. By allowing this to happen, the practice would be ?empowering? the child as well as supporting them and guiding them through the difficult time and their learning. A1: Reflect on the influence of legislation on working practices within early year?s settings. In my practice I enforce the Data Protection Act 1989 (DPA) by ensuring that I don?t tell other people outside of the practice any information about the children and/or their families including their name, DOB, their address or their medical needs. This contributes into keeping children safe and out of harm?s way and it makes sure that the wrong people do not get valuable information. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) means that practitioners should be aware of how they use equipment and whether or not they are using it correctly etc. This act also ensures that employers make certain that all of the equipment, toys and playhouses etc. are all harmless and safe. It also means that employers should ensure that all staff members are fully trained on how to use the equipment and are properly prepared. The UN Convention on the Rights of The Child ensures that every child is entitled to safe food, drink and water, no matter where they come from, what they beliefs they have and what gender/sexuality they are. In my practice we enforce this by giving the children food and drink when they ask, at any time of the day children are allowed to have a glass of water. This is making sure that children are not denied their right to water. ...read more.

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