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Unit 3- P2 - Describe key legislation in relation to health, safety and security and setting out how this influences health and social care delivery

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P3: Using examples from work experience describe how policies and procedures promote health, safety and security in the health and social care workplace Roles of the employee and employer Being an employee and employer gives you a lot of roles to undertake and depending on which you are, you have more or less to do, in the table below, there are the roles in which the employer and employee have different and what they share. Responsibility of the employers Responsibility of the employee Responsibilities of both employees and employers The employer must plan for a safe environment. They have to have done a risk assessment. To ensure they know how to use the machines in the establishment before they do use it. To ensure the safety of the clients. To provide health and safety information. To work by the policies and procedure in place. To ensure the safety of the environment. To provide training for whom they employ in health and safety. To report anything wrong with the machines or if the procedures aren't right. To keep everything up to date. ...read more.


Child protection In my work placement, everyone who is employed to work for the manager have a major part in looking after children. They have to create a safe learning environment, identify the students that are a risk from harm and they have to make sure they take appropriate action to make sure the children they care for are safe at school and at home. There are many ways in which people that are looking after children can make sure they are safe * They are trained in recognising child abuse * Senior staff member are responsible for looking after the children and making sure they're safe * Different checks on their record to make sure they are suitable for looking after a child * A policy that outlines what happens if a member of staff has been accused of harming a child. Complaints and Procedures A child has the right to tell someone if they are concerned about something. The teacher then can get the necessary people involved to solve the problem, meaning the head of year or/and the child's parents. ...read more.


If there is a specific thing that the children need than that should be known to their parents in the form of a letter. The first thing to be done when taking a group of children out on a trip is * Send out letters to parents to ask for permission to do so, once the letter have been sent out... * You have to make sure there are enough adults going on the trip to make sure the children going on the trip are safe When they are on the trip, the teacher in charge has to instruct the children in what they should or shouldn't do. First Aid In a health and social care setting there should be a first aid box and a first aider who knows how to give medical attention. All members of staff should know where the nearest first aid box is and who the nearest first aider is. If a child has had an accident at school there is normally a letter in which the child takes home with them. Visitors When a stranger enters a health and social care setting they have to sign in and they get given a badge and they have to keep it on until they have left the building. ...read more.

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