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Unit 45 p3 - how I used resources to research a healthcare topic.

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´╗┐Unit 45, p3, group 3 Kinga Boguszko P3. Present one complex piece of work as an example to demonstrate the use of resources within own studies This assignment will present one complex piece of work which will be a leaflet from unit 19, task P3 as an example to demonstrate and explain the use of recourses within own studies. The main recourses that will be discussed in this assignment are text books and internet. With the aim of complete Unit 19, P3 which had to be in the form of a leaflet. I had to explain recent demographic change within home country. As I didn?t know much enough to answer that I had to do a research. ...read more.


The index page is very useful to this type of resource because it saves the time from going through the whole book to find the unit i was looking for. The book provided me with basic information about demographic data, it was easy to read and understand because the text was set out clearly with subheadings and paragraphs. The text book is a trusted source of information, because if the book was published, it means that the publisher had to check the contents of the book and whether it is true and based on facts. The text book also provided me with definitions related to demographic data which I took into my assignment. ...read more.


We can easily and quickly obtain full information we need, without a move for hours in libraries. The internet is a search engine, all you need to do is just type in a subject or words related to what are you looking for. When you press search many articles, websites and blogs will appear and you can choose the one which you think has the best information. However, not always the information are correct, because everyone/most of the people have an access to internet and some of the information might just be made up by a random person without the right knowledge. I mostly use www.wikipedia.co.uk because it usually provides information on many different based on fact things and demographic data was one of them. The website also had graphs which i put into my leaflet to back up my text and make it look more interesting. ...read more.

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