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unit 7 children's learning activities and play

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  • Essay length: 2165 words
  • Submitted: 27/03/2008
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Unit 7 - Children's Learning Activities and Play

Task 1

The way children learn is through play, children's development takes place by different stages of learning. Children learn through the stages one by one, each stage follow on from the next. They are natural stages of development for children as they grow older. There are many types of play, which are:

* Symbolic Play usually occurs from 1years of age. It includes role play, pretend play, socio-dramatic play and imaginative play. Symbol is when one thing stands of another.

* Pretend Play or Ludic Play is when an action or object is given a symbolic meaning which is different from real life.

* Role Play occurs when pretend symbols are used together.

* Socio-dramatic Play is when several children role play and pretend play together.

* Imaginative Play is when children use their own real-life experiences and rearrange them.

* Fantasy Play is when children role play situations they do not known about but which might happen to them one day.

* Phantasy play is when children role play unreal events using characters from cartoons on TV.

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