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Unit 9 care planning and the holistic approach.

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´╗┐Zainab unit 9 Care plan: This is when people come together as one to help a service and help to meet their needs and wants. Care plan should be in a formal document and has to be set out to meet client?s goals. Reason why we need care plan We need care plan because we want to meet service user goals to avoid mistake, mix up of clients, giving wrong information, getting facts right. For instance if in a care home I work, we have two Mrs. Shaw one is obese and the other is diabetic and I am both of them care worker I would need a care plan for each service user to make sure I don?t make mistakes, such as giving the wrong medication and giving wrong information to both of them also putting their priorities first making sure I have plans of what ...read more.


has to read the information and understand it before passing it to the service user because if care worker done understand and went on and gave the wrong the message that very bad and upsetting if it?s a service user that just getting better the massage could bring them down which make cause something like heart attack and depression etc this is where Maslow Hierarchy comes in care plan and why it is important So care worker should get facts right before sharing messages to clients. Care Standards Act 2000 is the law that care planner/care worker has to comply with to help a service user. This act is to help with provisions and also the act covers some protection for vulnerable people in the care home, having good equipment and protecting, facilities and good materials for service user. ...read more.


Another example would be Angela?s mobility she cannot walk long distance anymore because her legs starts to ache which puts her in serious pain so therefore professionals should be able to review this to knows that she would need wheelchair for long distance, professionals staff should constantly review service users care plan because it?s like renewing a care plan as you would know what to amend and adjust for servicer user, would also support new member of staff with care plan because care plan would be up to date likewise it would make new member know service user well for example if Angela likes tea without milk new member might not know all this if Angela?s care plan is not up to date, but if professionals are working as team to give Angela and Khan the best support it would help new member of staff to know better about service user likewise help to know whether care plan is as worked for service user or not. ...read more.

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