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Unit 9 - Explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services.

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´╗┐Student : Lissa Williams Teacher : Bryan Unit 9 ? Values In Planning Pass one ? Explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services. Aims and Purpose * This unit examines the principles and processes of planning for within a legislative framework designed to support equality, diversity and rights * Effective planning is at the heart of a holistic approach to support, meeting needs by empowering and enabling individuals to make choices and participating in decisions about themselves. Principles and Values Values can be political, social, moral and spiritual; and the values derived from our individual experience affect our behaviour. To be treated in a dignified way https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQL7pwyReyfqdj_Di8W4Rc8-vQnfrgJEyFGJCOF3W1Vb9oozB-QBg Being treated in a dignified way is the same as being respected, being treated in a dignified way is really important, Dignity shows that a person is respectable which will make the health and social care settings promote anti-discriminatory practice because it will be a way of showing equality and that everyone should be treated in a positive way. To be respected Being respected is more than important in a health and social care setting. Showing someone respect can show positivity towards them straight away, without having respect for your patient or client they could feel uncomfortable with being in your presence because they are not well valued by you. ...read more.


Assessment results in a care plan to buy in certain services. A care needs assessment needs to be carried out in order to establish what help and support is needed for service users. Referral Referral is the first stage of the process. People can refer themselves this is known as self-referral. If a person is in need of health care they can be referred to the GP. Also, if further treatment is needed, the GP can refer the patient to a specialist or they can refer themselves to see someone else. Processes of care planning An effective planning cycle helps to prevent abuse. Just because someone has to care for themselves will be cared for. It is the process of developing an agreement between the client and the social worker, where client problems, outcomes to be achieved and actions to be pursued in support of a goal achievement are identified. Care planning cycle An effective planning cycle helps to prevent abuse. Just because someone has had their needs assessed does not mean they are protected from abuse, indeed sometimes this is when abuse starts. Abuse does unfortunately occur in a health and social care sector, to vulnerable individuals. Care planning is a way of agreeing, arranging and managing the services or help needed to enable a person to live at home or to move into a residential or nursing home. ...read more.


Ethical principles are concerned with honourable ways to behave in life. Roles in social care Ethical principles are Important in social care workers that are working with vulnerable people who could be exploited. Therefore, there is a moral obligation to maintain particular standards to protect those who are in need of care. Ethical principles will ensure the carers promote good standards of practice following up safeguarding. Without safeguarding it leaves disabled individuals, or frail adults vulnerable to abuse or neglection. Duty and protection, independence; autonomy Care workers have a duty to protect service users from harm, while at the same time helping them to develop independence and autonomy. A care worker with no moral principles could easily take advantage of vulnerable service users, and a care worker with no moral will put the service user at risk by not following the safeguarding policy. Service users have the right to be protected and have independence, carers should follow and promote this in a health and social care sector. Rights of the individual http://www.maisonderetraite.nc/www/images/stories/fotolia/Fotolia_12872040_XS.jpg Human rights are concerned with equality and fairness. They recognised our freedom to make choices about life and develop our potential as human beings. Rights of individuals being promoted within health and social care are essential because the care base value is all about ensuring they are not discriminating, violating people?s right or providing poor care for clients. ...read more.

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