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Use the following case studies and complete the PIES needs for each of the 3 different client groups.

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´╗┐Health, Social Care & Early Years National Level 3 Unit 9 1A. Describe the needs of children, adults and older people in care setting. Use the following case studies and complete the PIES needs for each of the 3 different client groups. Provide a detailed explanation about their PIES needs. Maaria?s PIES needs: There are many needs which the user?s service in care might be in need of for example they can be anything such as emotional needs, social needs, intellectual needs and physical needs. The needs are important in that child?s life and have to be met so that it can contribute towards their good and ease. Maaria is only 12 years old. She has many physical needs which need to be met in order for her to be at ease. One of her physical need is that she needs help with independent mobility. Due to having problems with her limbs and joints she is adapted to a wheelchair. If Maaria gets help with her mobility, she will be able to move around independently. This can be anything such as going to the toilet, getting a drink from the kitchen or even being able to walk around without anyone assisting her. Being independent is very important as Maaria is growing up she needs her own privacy when she goes to the toilet. ...read more.


It is very important that Maaria feels valued by others around her for example her family or friends. She needs friends that will make her feel special and valued. Since she is a developing individual she will be in need of people making her feel happy and content. Having social needs, Maaria needs to be able to make friends so that she can share and listening to their problems too. This way she will feel that she is being valued and happy. Since she is becoming a teenager in a year?s time, she does not want to communicate her personal problems with her little brother and sister, she needs friends her age who she can talk to about anything. In order to make friends her age, she needs to able to communicate properly with others around her. Her social need will be that someone teaches her how to communicate with people so that she can become friends with them. Martin?s PIES needs: Since Martin has cystic fibrosis, he will have many physical needs. First of all will be taking care of his diet and eating right food which will help him get through his daily life. There are many diet categories which are good for Martin such as calcium, fatty acids to build his cell membranes and iron to avoid anaemia. ...read more.


Myla?s intellectual needs will be that she needs to be able to communicate with her neighbours so they can be on a look out when she is away to the centre. This way she will not be worried about her house as much as she is now. Myla also have a few emotional needs, one of them is that she needs to make new friends by communicating with others around her. This way she will not feel lonely or depressed. Myla lives at home alone. If she starts communicating with others she might be able to call her friends over for tea in her own house. If she starts making new friends she will not miss her children so much as they live 200 miles away and she rarely see them. She will feel happy and content when she is around her new friends as she will know that someone out there will be there for her when she needs them. Myla also has social needs which are to learn how to trust others and interact with them. By this she will be able to take her mind off the things she worries about such as the doors or the windows. She has to make sure that she is able to trust her neighbours when they lend their hand out for help. She also needs to interact with them so that she can socialise with them. ...read more.

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