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Using examples from work experience evaluate the effectiveness of polices and procedures for promoting health, safety and security.

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D1: Unit 3: Using examples from work experience evaluate the effectiveness of polices and procedures for promoting health, safety and security. In this assignment I will be using examples from work experience evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures for promoting health, safety and security. I will be focusing on policies and procedures in a health and social care setting. Residential homes and the health centres have a number of policies and procedures that are followed. These policies and procedures ensured safety and security for all service users and staff. Policies and procedures are very important when working in a business or care setting; they are there to keep staff members and service users safe from danger. The Acts of Parliament introduced policies and procedures so that business and care setting will follow them correctly. But however if the policies and procedures are not followed or in its place then there can be dangerous issues like a individual hurting themselves in a fire, or accidentally touching a needle that was not disposed properly or personal information being leaked out to others, another problem could be a patient received the wrong prescription and then ended up taking the wrong medication which could seriously harm the individual or even cause death. ...read more.


2002 looks at how substances and toxins material should be packed away in settings such as needles should be disposed carefully. There are many accident that can be caused by substances therefore it is important that all substances are put away to prevent accident from happening. The Safety policy looks at providing safety for the setting for example: Providing safeguarding for service users and staff. Moreover the Health and safety Act looks at making sure health regulation are followed in a health and social care setting and Food regulation policy looks at ensuring that all food is stored in the correctly places and looks at making sure that all food in kept in date. Referring back to my health and social care setting which was in a primary school, the 'Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995' was used as when the dinner ladies served the food to the children and staff they had to make sure that the food was clean to eat because if the food was not prepared properly and the dinner ladies did not wash their hands before serving the food the it will likely harm the child as they might feel sick or start vomiting because the food was not clean before they served it. ...read more.


In my work experience there was a fire policy that was used if a fire occurred, the was an alarm that would alert the staff members in the school if there was a fire and this would make the children get out the building and the staff would have to a head count by checking on a register. Another policy that ensured safety for staff and service users was behaviour policy. Behaviour policy looked at individual's behaviour and if someone performed negative behaviour against one of the staff or the service users then action would be taken with this policy. The health centre had a policy for behaviour and if negative behaviour was performed then strong action would be taken. Furthermore, data protection act was an Act that was introduced to keep all individuals personal information safe. At the health centre patients document were locked away in a cupboard and information on the computers had security lock which would not allow any other individuals to access it. Another act that was used was the 'Data Protection Act 1998' this act was used in the school so that none of the children's personal data was being leaked out to others. This act made sure that all personal data was safe from being leaked out. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sabina Bibi 6LB 1 ...read more.

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