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What is CPD and why do I as a childcare professional need to review my own professional development?

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´╗┐what is CPD and why do i as a childcare professional need to review my own professional development? continuing professional development (CPD) refers to the process in which a person can track and document their own skills, knowledge and experience as gained through work beyond any initial training. it records what a person has experienced, learnt and the applied as a professional, its important to reflect on our learning and development in order to further improve. It enables a person to manage their own development helping people to learn, reflect and review their own personal development as a professional. CPD is an ongoing, planned learning and development process that enables practitioners to expand on their potential helping them develop their role within a child care setting and assess their organisational performance. it helps them increase their knowledge as they are within a specific environment also increasing confidence. ...read more.


it is important to regularly look forward to how we would hope to be and to reflect on how we are. therefore we can work from our current position towards achieving our goals. a key aspect of CPD is Self-assessment this is important because in everyday life working for any company it enables a person to overcome problems and difficult situations giving them the confidence to do so. in order for me to further improve my knowledge, skills and experience i need to reflect on my professional role within my child care setting. within the placement i have become part of a team in which helps to support and encourage the children. during this time i had come into contact with many practitioners in which helped me to gain more knowledge on working within a child care setting and experience this. I try to work in a supportive yet laid back manner in which the children know they can come to me for ...read more.


environment found a line between being a childs friend and authoritve figure so that we shared a mutual respect and the children were able to listen to me when i give them instructions and i listen to them when they have a problem etc In order to further develop as a child care professional i need to improve on..... and apply bullet point below to this What other ways of doing this do I know? 1. Are there alternative approaches I have heard of? 1. What would happen if I did things differently? I should set myself a professional development plan in which consists of goals and targets i will need to meet. I could Your professional development plans should consist of: 1. Setting yourself goals and targets 2. Deciding how you are going to move towards your goals and targets- what action you are going to take 3. Identifying the people who can help you Deciding how you will monitor your progress ...read more.

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