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Write a reflective description of your personal cultural identity . Identify one way that your cultural identity could impact on providing nursing care to diverse clients

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NSB113: Diversity and Health: Introduction to Indigenous and Multicultural perspectives Assessment Item 1.1: Reflective Journal Worksheet A. Save this document with your name in the title and then use it to write your responses using your computer in the spaces as indicted below. Complete, print and submit at your tutorial in Week 4. If There Is A Good Reason For Not Attending The Tutorial To Submit The Item: KG Students Can Submit The Item To The NSB113 Mailbox, Located On L3, N Block. PLEASE DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR TUTOR. Caboolture Students Please Arrange With Your Tutor DO NOT DELETE THE MATERIAL BELOW-YOUR MARKER NEEDS IT Student's Name: Gabby Brett Tutor's Name: After Tutorial 1 in Week 2, use the "map" you worked on and your notes as a guide to complete the following steps. Step 1: Write a reflective description of your personal cultural identity being sure to include a reflection on ALL of the following: your beliefs, attitudes, values, social class, and ethnicity). ...read more.


I have developed an understanding of differences in foods, personalities, attitudes and values and respect each individual for their differences. Step 3: After completing step 1 and 2 write a reflection on your reaction to the tutorial activity and explain what you learned from it. (100 words) .../3marks Although I expected different responses in the activity I was surprised that so few people valued happiness. Personally I feel a value system should remain relatively constant, not very change or alter according to the situation and environment. Yet many class members altered there rating when the situation changed from personal to medical. However my rating value system altered little. I valued the same beliefs and life necessities for both equally. Life experiences shape who you are and alter your perspective on life. I realize I have had a relatively trauma free and ideal childhood. I have experience many successes academically, in the sporting arena and socially and have comparatively suffered few losses. Although the death of my grandfather and beloved pet are two traumas that affected me and shaped me personally, my losses were minor compared to losses and experiences undergone by others. ...read more.


It is this intersection of our cultures that influence our society as a whole and require greater exploration to develop understanding, consideration and acceptance. Markers will use the following guide when awarding the marks: * Were all the aspects of the worksheet completed? * Consider the quality and depth of questions posed. * Is there evidence of developing self-awareness and self-reflection relating to learning? * Has the student demonstrated the capacity to make connections between personal experience and new material presented? * Is there evidence of some connection between self-reflection and the achievement of learning objectives (for this worksheet Objective 3 as stated in the Unit Outline is relevant) generic skills and/or graduate attributes. * Is the article used above fully and correctly referenced in the text and in a list at the end of the document? * Presentation: Student and tutor name; 12 pt. font; double line spaced; word count for EACH section. Notes on Marking: No part marks will be given 2 marks awarded for submission and correct presentation + 15 marks for content and completeness of the entries Total out of 17 marks = Marker's Signature: Date: Comments ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay is a little difficult to comment on due to the fact that it includes two activities completed for which comment is made but there is no reference.

It does contain a well discussed reflection at the end which is worth a read.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 26/06/2013

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