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Write a short essay about child abuse and bullying. List and explain 10 factors, which may lead to abuse.

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1. Write a short essay about child abuse and bullying Child abuse is doing something to a child that should not be done. This may be injuring a child physically, distressing child in an emotional way, not allowing a child's development or putting the child at risk including their well-being or safety. Bullying is taking advantage of more vulnerable ones. Those who experiences abuse at home might be more likely to bully someone else outside of the house, for example at school; just to gain confident. Hitting, hurting, damaging someone else's belongings, bribery, ridicule, threats, shouting, sarcasm, withholding someone else's possesses may be considered as a bullying. The abusers are usually people, who are in charge of the children, and have responsibility and trust. For example a members of the family, friends or teachers. ...read more.


Abused children may not want to go home after school, or may have self-destructive behavior, such as cutting themselves or aggressive attitude towards other children. All these abuses have effects on a child's development, well-being and sense of acceptability which leads to an emotional abuse. 2. List and explain 10 factors, which may lead to abuse? There are many factors which may lead to abuse. * In all families there can be a time, when the parents experience financial difficulties. Some parents might find this to be a very difficult time, and to relieve their anger, they may abuse their own children. It can bring them some kind of self-satisfaction. * In some cases, where parents are tight with the money and are having financial problems, they may blame their children, as this is all their fault, and they may wish, that they were never born. ...read more.


This could be because the parents themselves had poor experiences as children. * People who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling could not see the needs of a child, which leads to child abuse. In similar case it could be that parents with learning difficulties may not understand the child's basic needs. * Some adults are convinced that children will not learn unless they are hit or criticized. They may believe that they will encourage child to be better. * Some religious views, where for example blood transplant cannot be accepted for an ill child, may be considered as an abuse. The child cannot decide for himself and then he cannot get the necessary medical help. * Even too much care of a child may lead to an abuse, as an over-protected child is unable to gain any sense of confidence or self-reliance, and his natural development is being post-poned. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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