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You should not smoke

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Why you should not smoke I believe that people should not smoke. There are several good Health, Environmental, Financial and Appearance reasons. Smoking is bad for your health and has several ways of killing you or severely harming you. Firstly, smokers have a higher risk of getting lung cancer, strokes or other illnesses that can kill you. For example, every year, around 114,000 smokers in the UK die as a result of their bad habit. Secondly, smoking is an addictive drug, meaning that when you start it is hard to stop. For instance, only 2.5% of smokers successfully quit smoking each year. Thirdly, smoking also affects the people you frequent. Passive smokers can get disturbances such as eye irritations, coughs, nausea or sore throats. ...read more.


Thirdly, to make cigarettes, cigarette-makers have to cure the tobacco then let it age for a better flavour. This is to remove any unpleasant smells that uncured tobacco has. But to cure the tobacco, cigarette-makers have to do a lot of burn wood. For example, to cure the tobacco that a smoker consumes in 2 weeks, it takes the wood from one tree. If you want to protect our environment and make the world a better place, quit smoking or at least use your ashtrays. Smoking is also a waste of money, which you could be spending on other much more useful things. Firstly, cigarettes are not cheap and smokers who smoke a few packets per day are wasting a lot of money. ...read more.


Some may frown at you for setting a bad example or simply because they know that what you are doing is not good for them or for you. Secondly, your smoking can influence and encourage non-smokers and teenagers to smoke. For instance, in the UK, about 450 children start smoking everyday. Thirdly, you will get black teeth, bad breath and yellow fingers from tobacco. Everyone knows that those ugly yellow stains will not wash off; no matter how hard you try. When you smoke, your appearance changes. The new people you meet will have a different and not necessarily good impression of you. It is clear that there are many convincing reasons why people should not smoke. Health concerns, environmental problems, financial issues and appearance worries all support this view. There is no doubt that people like you and me should not smoke. ...read more.

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