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A Child's View of WWII

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Steven Hinchee AMH2020.11Z Brevard Community College Summer 2004 Word Count: 567 A Child's View of WWII Wartime can be a very scary time for individuals and nations, but for children, who do not understand the horrors of war, it's a time of confusion. My mother was 7 years old when Pearl Harbor was attacked, so she does not remember the fear and anger that raced through the country; all she remembers is that things were suddenly very different. Where did Uncle Cecil and Uncle Folley go? What is war? Why are those people mad at us? These were just a few of many thoughts that ran through a young girls mind during the years of World War II. ...read more.


Uncle Folley was a born leader. He was also the smartest man in the family, according to my mother. He was the commander of an infantry battery in Europe. Just talking to my mother about these two brave men it's very easy to tell that she is very proud of them. During the winter of 1944 Cecil was participating in a mission that was part of the D-Day preparation. He had just jumped out of his plane and was on his way down when he was shot. Although his injury was serious, it was not life threatening. He was taken to a field hospital were he spent time recovering. Somehow, Folley had received word that his brother had been shot and was in the hospital. ...read more.


I actually had the opportunity to meet him at a family reunion in 1984. Sadly, he died of heart failure in 1992. WWII was a very tough time for the entire world. I sincerely believe that anyone who puts on an armed forces uniform is a hero. However, when someone gives their life in defense of their country, that person is the greatest hero of all. My hero is buried in an American Military Cemetery; Corporal Cecil Barber is laid to rest at the Henry Chapelle American Military Cemetery just outside the village of Henri-Chapelle in Belgium. APPENDIX 1 Questions used for this essay: 1. How old were you when Pearl Harbor was attacked? 2. Do you have any memories of WWII? 3. Did you have any relatives that fought in WWII? 4. What happened to your relatives that were in WWII? 5. How did you feel when the war ended? 1 ...read more.

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