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Disraelis Handling of the Balkan Crisis represented the triumph of style over substance How far do you agree?

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'Disraeli's Handling of the Balkan Crisis represented the triumph of style over substance' How far do you agree? In some parts of the Balkan crisis Disraeli's handling of the crisis was a triumph for style over substance. One example of style being a success is when Disraeli moved 700 0 troops from India to Malta. He did this to show Russia that he was willing to use force to top them taking Constantinople. Disraeli had called fro turkey to be put in front of Congress rather than relying upon the San Stefano treaty of 1878. Russia failed to respond and this failure to respond allowed Disraeli to convince is cabinet, including opposing members such as Derby, to utilise the army on the 27th March 1878. Another example of Disraeli's style being a great success was his over powering performance in the Berlin Congress in June 1878. In the aftermath of Russia's war with Turkey there were many issues that were left unsolved and Disraeli managed to get force most of the decision his way. ...read more.


The rest of the members were generally against Disraeli's view of the 'go-getting' and invasive foreign policy, these contrasting views within the cabinet lead to a rather inactive time for Disraeli and a failure of style. Another failure of substance was further highlighted by the relationship between Disraeli and Lord Derby. Disraeli's view of acting in Europe was especially opposed by the influential and popular Lord Derby who was a large problem for Disraeli. They had grown up together in politics and were good friends however while Disraeli wanted to act upon what was happening, Lord Derby, the foreign secretary, did not want to act. He was a passive foreign secretary who harboured liberal sympathies and did not think that upholding the Ottoman Empire was of great importance despite the words of Disraeli. These contrasting views between Prime minister and the Foreign Secretary lead to an inactive cabinet. The failure of substance by Disraeli was the decision to allow these contrasting views to hinder him for the entire Eastern Crisis. ...read more.


It would also give Russia a route to move south towards the Suez Canal and even more scarily towards India. This was obviously against Disraeli's views so he forced Bulgaria to split in two, the Ottoman Empire retaining the southern half. A further success for Disraeli was annexation of Cyprus to the British Empire. Britain could station naval bases in the Mediterranean and that mean that Britain could protect Turkey from Russia. Protecting Turkey from Cyprus meant that Russia were much less likely to move south towards Turkey and ultimately India. In conclusion the substance was effective in some case, but overall was fairly weak. An example where it was effective was the halting of Russia's move south towards Turkey. However there are examples where substance was weak, for example initially Cyprus looked like a good gain for Britain but in reality it was militarily ineffective. All the success that Disraeli had in the Eastern crisis was due to his style. This is most obviously shown in his bullish performance in Berlin congress forcing Russia to back down as well as making a string alliance with Turkey. ...read more.

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