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A modest proposal for removing the homeless off the streets whilst making them benefit the state.

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A modest proposal for removing the homeless off the streets whilst making them benefit the state Dearest Party members, I am sure that you agree that in our country it would be an offence to provide for someone who intrudes on the many firms that have business in our country. Therefore, tell me this: Why is it acceptable to give money to a person who destroys the public image, sleeps on the property of something that is not theirs, and is not increasing our GDP? I tell you ladies and gentlemen, to see these homeless people on the streets of our state, is not such a pleasing sight. We pay our taxes for a reason: education for our children; a national health service; the maintence of our roads; the sewers that take away your dirty water at night. Even the army which protects our motherland. Am I correct in saying that is not fair for someone not to pay for this, yet still benefit? Of course not, this is preposterous. In the current state of our economy and international events, I state that we should make it our prime objective to be rid of this sight for sore eyes, in a way that not only helps us, but will also allow the homeless to be granted the benefits of the services mentioned in a way we see fit. ...read more.


The scheme to add the homeless people to the army has many advantages. If the current state of homeless people is around 125,000 in the whole of Great Britain, I have estimated it will cost approximately �205.00 each to add these people to the army. This includes a dose of drugs in a sandwich given to the homeless, in order for them to pass out, which will make it easier to transport them back to an infantry camp for very basic training, mainly distinguishing the enemy. The State will then train these soldiers, and if any are impossible to train (for reasons including old age, etc) then they may be used as target practice. The remaining budget will be left for purchase of an SA80 assault rifle. This totals �25,625,000 which I am sure you will agree is an amazing price to pay to double our army. You may wonder at the idea of a salary for these men or women. But I ask you, is it right for them to have not paid for the services they received in their home country, and then ask for us to pay this amount out? Of course it is not fair. Therefore, I propose that it is not in our intention to provide these new soldiers with a wage, but rather make them fight for the huge backlog of taxes they have not paid. ...read more.


And what if our mine detectors run out of batteries in the desert? Why, it's simple enough just to tell the Angry Mob division to walk about 100 yards in front of the main army! We have seen that more means better, from the Chinese army. They are over one million men strong, and do any western countries dare attack them? I think not. Russia, another example of a strong army. Did we dare strike them first during the Cold War? No. And even the Russian's had weak divisions, sometimes two people to one rifle. What other methods do they use to scare us? And more, what other methods could be used to solve the homeless situation? To simply pay the homeless is not good enough, as already discussed. Do we really want to overcrowd our already bursting prison - do they even deserve the roof it would put over their heads? Waste our time executing them? Too much paperwork and what to do with the dead bodies? Cremation possibly, but Britain doesn't need the smell of the rotting (Although I'm sure we can find space in Wales). You can see ladies and gentlemen, my method has many advantages over any current or other proposed methods. I would like to thank you for listening to my speech; I hope that we can swiftly resolve the problem of the homeless. ...read more.

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