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Assess the impact of the First World War on British society.

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Assess the impact of the First World War on British society There is no disputing that the first world had an impact on British society, but what has been disputed by many historians is severity or significance of these impact's in the long run in British society. When the war broke out in 1914 huge changes were expected and it could be argued that areas such as the role of the state, the status of women, class structure and health of the nation were all transformed forever as a consequence of the war. However some may say that the war had only a short-term impact on British society and after the war everything returned to how it was in 1914. One of the areas where it has been disputed as to weather the war a huge impact on is the role of the state. Prior to 1914 the role of the state had always remained minimal though it had been increasing with the introducing of pensions in 1905 and health insurance in 1911. In 1914 the war brought about a huge extension of responsibilities for the state though most of these responsibilities would be given up when the war ended. ...read more.


However although many women found jobs during the war and worked very well in those jobs, when the war ended almost all of them gave their jobs up and returned to their previous roles as mothers and housewives. To an extent it seems as though not much had changed since society as whole expected women to go back to how they were prior to the war. Clerical work was the only job that women in large numbers stayed on to occupy after then war. However the status of the occupation declined as a soon as it became a female dominated job, reinforcing the view that the war didn't have much of an impact on the status of women in work. General attitudes towards women in the work place may have changed because they helped war production dramatically however this does not mean that they would be considered as permanent workers in areas such as munitions and factories, as workers they were always seen as cheap substitutes for men. When the war-ended women were given the vote, some have argued that this was a reward for their hard work during the war. ...read more.


To this day those who died fighting for Briton in the war are still remembered by society and have prayers held for them and the impact of their deaths lasted long after the war. The First World War had a significant impact on British society though the majority of these impacts were short-term while the war lasted. During the war there were huge changes in the role of the state, the position of women. Changes in health, living standards and class influence. However many of these changes were already occurring prior to the war in 1914 and the war speeded these changes up. The Role of the state had been increasing since the turn of the century with the introduction of pensions and health insurance. Health of the nation was also improving prior to the war with advances in medicine. Women were also likely to have been given the vote without the war with public opinion supporting this view. The war brought with it many short-term impacts such as the role of the state in industry and women in the workplace, however the war had generally positive impact on these areas since they had been successful during the war and could now be discussed with evidence. ...read more.

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