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Blitzkrieg: Lightning Warefare

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Blitzkrieg: Lightning Warefare I.B. Report By Larry Underhill Was Blitzkrieg warfare a masterful achievement in military strategy or was it too precise and dependent of too many variables to be truly successful in the long run? Blitzkrieg means "lightning warfare" and was a quick surprise strike on enemy forces that was intended for eliminating any enemy in one swift stroke. The other forms of warfare of the time were based soley on the number of men and how when the first "line" goes down (dies), the next "line" would take it's place and so on and so forth. There were other factors including trenches and the new aircraft brought a whole new scope to the field of war. In WW I the world of airplanes was significantly more different. Planes now were more maneuverable, could carry numerous bombs, and hundereds of rounds of ammunition were in the internals. A new creation also was invented with flight: the heavy bomber. Blitzkrieg warfare was an extremely effective, ingenious, and tactically impressive maneuver. I plan to write about the battle strategy Blitzkrieg and how it changed World War II. This essay will cover the following parts: Developed by who, where, when, for what reason, the effects, and the gain and/or loss of each party. Not only will write about these important questions but I will also explain the uses of it in modern warfare and how it has influenced the tactics of war today. ...read more.


The trick was to know where the Germans were going to strike, and to prepare in advance of it, to hit artillery with artillery, and meet air power with air power. But knowing where they would strike next was the real challenge, made difficult by a little device known as the Enigma machine. The Enigma machine was the most advanced coding device in the world. This device consisted of a geared machine with three numeric dials, and a keyboard. As each dial's number was changed, the gears shifted positions, and a whole new code was generated. Everyday, a new setting was used, and this device effectively kept the Allied forces in the dark about German movements and positions. The Allies needed to get their hands on the German Enigma Machine to counter the Blitzkrieg advances. Evaluation of Sources All the sources that I gathered seemed to say all the same things and some even listed others I had as sources. There was one site on the internet that had a suspicion about. It was a site at www.ww2tactics.dughy's.com/Blitzkrieg titled "The Strategy". The website was not professional at all. The reason it got me suspicious was the word Blitzkrieg was spelled wrong in every part of the report. There were also many grammatical errors within the text that made me suspicious of the validity of the words. I used this document the least I possibly could. As opposed to my best source titled, "Blitzkrieg, The Basic Strategy". ...read more.


Others such as the Americans were unimpressed with the new tactic and were not really phased by it. Although the Americans, who entered the war two years later than the European nations, didn't face the fact of it being a new unrivaled tactic. The Blitzkrieg method of warfare was effective but one thing that is neglected in mentioning is the Navy and their strategy in cutting off supply routes. The Navy of the German military was a grand one with many, many great vessels, particularly the U-boat or Submarine. This failed to be mentioned in a few of my sources, but this was also needed a great deal of cooperation with the Navy. The U-Boats had special routes guarding key landing positions of Allied troops and supplies. This helped minimize the amount of reinforcements arriving at enemy encampments. But, the Army and Air Force did most of the direct co-coordinating. Conclusion The Nazi war machine being fast and powerful made use of an exceptional strategy in warfare. The use of all aspects of the Army and Air Force were admirable and were truly impressive to a non-biased viewer. Based not only on pure power and military might, but the incredible Enigma machine was surprising. All of Europe was ill-prepared for such a useful little machine. It took three and a half years to crack the enigma. This impressive fact proves the validity to the statement: The Nazi war machine being fast and powerful made use of an exceptional strategy in warfare. The roots of this strategy come from "lightning" meaning fast, thunderous, maybe even loud and powerful. And then warfare meaning death, destruction, fire, and ...read more.

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