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Canada's Defining Moments.

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CANADA'S DEFINING MOMENTS History Cumulative Essay Throughout the twentieth century, Canada has developed as an independent, technologically advanced, and militarily equipped nation. The most defining moments in Canada's history include Canada's growing autonomy, the invention of the Avro Arrow and Canada's military contributions during WWII. Canada's growing autonomy has allowed it to stand on its own feet and take Canadian issues in its own hand. It was as if Canada finally grew up from under British rule. The invention of the Avro Arrow proved to the world and to the Canadian people that Canadian scientists, engineers, and designers can work together and create something that no one had ever built or though of before. The Avro's technology changed future aircrafts to what they are today. During the Second World War, Canadians captured the town of Ortona which allowed the Allies to advance on the Germans. In addition, Canadian soldiers liberated France and the Netherlands. Their contributions and sacrifices for the war effort allowed Canada to stand up and become known as a world power with its strong military and economy. Throughout the twenties, Prime Minister Mackenzie King made nationalism the main objective of his election campaigns. ...read more.


The discovery of the technology behind the Avro Arrow has played a significant role in Canadian science and aviation history. The Arrow was the world's fastest twin-engine, all weather interceptor at the time. Reports from test pilots praised the speed and handling of it. None like it had ever been built or even thought of. The Avro Arrow was Canada's own discovery and was invented and designed by Canadian scientists. The project took under its wing, a hardworking team of engineers, designers, and scientist and without their contribution, this piece of technology could never have been discovered. This showed that Canadian scientists, designers and engineers really had some potential and were actually able to come up with such technology that could provide remarkable defences in the future. This piece of technology changed the face of future defences. The first flight of the Arrow itself was a landmark in Canadian history as Canadians across the country tuned in to share the excitement. On March 25th, 1958 (the first flight of the Arrow), the V.C. Minister of National defence said, "This event today marks another milestone-the production of the first Canadian supersonic airplane. I am sure that the historian of tomorrow will regard this event as being equally significant in the annals of Canadian aviation," (Pearkes, P.35). ...read more.


After the war, Canada achieved its title as a world power with strong economic and military prominence. Throughout the twentieth century, Canada has proved to the world that it can be a world power, invent useful defence mechanisms and make its own decisions. Canada's step towards its independence allowed Canada to be considered stronger and self-sufficient. Nowadays, Canada is no longer as dependent on Britain as it was prior to the First World War. The creation of the Avro Arrow was a huge milestone in Canadian science and aviation history. Canada was the first to come up with such a technology that would change the face of future aircrafts. This showed that Canadian scientists, engineers and designers were a group of determined and reliable workers. Without them, not only would Canada not have the fastest twin-engine all weather interceptor, but the whole world may never have been able to come up with something even remotely like it. Canadian military contribution during the second world war was immense. Canadians suffered high losses, yet they didn't let the Allies down. Instead, they fought harder to obliterate previous mistakes and failed operations. This allowed Canada to take a world stand and be considered as a world power. Thus, Canada has grown and fully fledged as a self-sufficient, technologically advanced and militarily equipped nation. It has become what it is today. Zainab Shaikh ...read more.

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