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Causes Of The Second World War

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Causes Of The Second World War There are many reasons as to why there had to be a world war two. People would usually blame Adolf Hitler, but if you think about it then well.. Can you really blame it all on him? In the next following paragraphs, I will explain in order of what happened to aggravate World War 2. The first stage is about the biased deed, the Treaty of Versailles action. The Treaty of Versailles was formed by the League of Nations. It was like a 'contract' which Germany MUST obey by. The League of Nations told Germany that: they had to accept ALL the blame for the first world war, reduce their army to 100,000 men, only 6 battleships in the Navy, no tanks-submarines or aeroplanes allowed, they HAD to pay 6.6 million to other countries for repairs, not allowed to unite with Austria, their colonies given to France-Britain and other countries, they also had to demilitarise the Rhineland, had to give back Alsace-Lorraine to France and also lost other land to (Polish Corridor e.t.c). ...read more.


Many unemployed men joined the Nazi-Storm troopers (S.A or Brown Shirts) which gave them hope and purpose. With the economic situation getting worse, the Nazis were getting more and more votes. This obviously was Hitler's mess as he could of 'helped' differently. Not cause the Nazi Party to get more power. Another problem that occurred was that Germans lived in Austria and Czechoslovakia. Hitler believed that he should take over these countries and have all those Germans living in that country to be under German rule. Also, Hitler wanted to take over large parts of Eastern Europe. France and Britain didn't do anything to stop Hitler, they thought by letting him do what he wants it will avoid world war two.....how wrong could they be? This was Hitler's jam as he didn't need to take over parts of Europe. Another attempt to avoid war but back-fired was Appeasement. Appeasement was a policy followed by the British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain. By this it meant he would give into Hitler on some points, such as Hitler entered the Rhineland and invaded the Sudetenland and breaking the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. ...read more.


But to be honest, its France and Britain who hold most of the blame as they are the ones who gave into Mussolini. It was getting to were war was the only way out. It didn't help anyone when they found out that Hitler and Stalin signed a non-aggression pact called the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1939. The pact meant they wouldn't fight each other and divide Poland between them. An added bonus for Hitler as the pact also meant that his army wouldn't have to fight on two fronts. If Hitler and Stalin didn't sign the pact then maybe the war wouldn't have come about. Now at this stage, war looks like the way to settle everything. The final act was when Hitler demanded back the parts of Poland he was stripped of by the Treaty of Versailles. Poland refused to give him any part of Poland. As usual, Hitler didn't listen and invaded Poland on 1st of September 1939. But this time, the League of Nations wasn't having it. Hitler did this. He shouldn't of gone too far. So from all these stages, it progressed into.... World War Two ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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