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Changing perspectives: Three Kings

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Changing perspectives: Three Kings The movie shows that change of perspective usually comes with an increase in knowledge regarding certain situations. * The group of four Americans (Archie Gates, Troy Barlow, Chief Elgin and Conrad Vici) initially perceived their mission consisted of stealing Kuwaiti gold bullion from Saddam's bunker in Kabala and enriching themselves in the process. However, in the process of searching for and stealing the $US23 million worth of gold, the group witnessed innocent people being starved, tortured, abused and executed by Saddam's soldiers. ...read more.


This increase in knowledge shifts their perception of their original mission and they gradually work towards a new goal: to help the innocent civilians escape the horrors of the "newly-liberated Kuwait". They do so by first sharing their stolen treasure, giving each family a bar of gold to begin a new life. They also act in violation of Army policy by accompanying the civilians to the Iranian border, and ultimately, they sacrifice their share of the stolen gold in order to guarantee a passage for the civilians into Iran. ...read more.


Neither the ground soldier (Archie Gates) nor the reporter (Adriana Cruz) know why the war had been fought, and repeatedly questions themselves and others for the answer. Troy Barlow's argument of the war being fought for regional stability and for the Kuwaiti peoples' liberation was counter argued and shown to be na�ve by one of Saddam's soldiers, who believed the war was fought by the US for crude oil resources and money, not the welfare of the people. These varied opinions increases the viewers' understanding of the Gulf War situation and confronts the viewers about what they believed the war was fought for and may ultimately lead to a shift in some viewers' own perceptions about the Gulf War. ...read more.

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