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cold war in latin america

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To what extent was the american policy of containment was mistaken in Latin america? American policy of containment was mistaken in Latin America to a certain extent. Guatemala and Cuba weren't really communist when actually the US thought they were communist and took actions against them which then drove them to communism. However Chile was different. Chilean president unlike Cuba's and Guatemala's was a real communist. The US therefore was right at some point. American intervention in Guatemala began in 1952 when the president of Nicaragua, Anastasia Somoza, solicited american assistance to overthrow the democratically elected guatemalan leader,Jacobo Arbenz Guzman. Arbenz wasn't more different than a communist to US. He did land reforms and even afforded freedom to the communist party under the current regime which feared US. US feared that the communism would spread at its back yard. Actually she was so scared that she didn't even know if Arbenz was a real communist or not.As a matter of fact it did not really matter to US whether Arbenz was a real communist or not, he obviously had sympathy to the communists and it was unacceptable. ...read more.


as land reforms, the nationalization of public utilities and the ruthless suppresion of corruption, including closing down the gambling industry and evicting the american mafiosi. Castro thought to be a communist by the US eventhough he wasn't. The US was one more time mistaken on Castro to be a communist just like they were mistaken on Arbenz. So was the US policy of containment mistaken in Cuba? To a certain extent I believe the answer is yes. US knew that one of the Castro's closest advisors was Che Guevara who is a Marxist. Guevara even formed an allience with Castro's brother,Raul, to persuade Castro to allign himself with the communists thus with the USSR. USSR at that point even declared that they would give unlimited aid and support if Castro were to declare himself as a communist. US was aware of the possible danger thus she knew she had to do to something about it. The US became very hostile to Castro during 1959 thus made Castro go into the arms of the communists. As a result in a way it was US that made Castro a communist. ...read more.


The nationalization of the US and other foreign-owned companies of course led to increased tensions with US. CIA as a result funded opposition media, politicians, and organizations in order to help to accelerate a campaign of domestic destabilizatiocn. Frequent pro and anti government groups often lead to clashed which eventually crippled the economy and resulted in an inflation. A military coup later then overthrew Allende in 1973 and Allende committed suicide. The US succeeded. The communism was thrown away together with the stability of the country. The US did not really care about though in which situation she left Chile in. As long as the communism didn't exist there was no problem. Therefore we can really say that US succeeded. The American policy of containment was mistaken in Latin Americas only to a certain extent. The policy indeed was mistaken to a certain extent in every country such as Guatemala, Cuba, and Chile. I believe that the policy was far more complex then it was done by the US officials and CIA. There will always be exceptions therefore the US should have tried to look and understand every country individually. Zeynep Hatipoglu ...read more.

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