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Critical response to 'Adam's Ark'.

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The drama script I read was 'Adam's Ark' by Harold Hodgson. I enjoyed this book because it is exciting and has a good story line. 'Adam's Ark' is about a group of school-children who go on a school trip but, whilst on their excursion to a nuclear war shelter a nuclear bomb is detonated. The man who is also in the shelter with the class's teacher Mr Ted Boyle and the class is Mr Adam Burroughs, a waterworks engineer. Mr Burroughs tells Mr Boyle he and the children will have to leave because the shelter is Government property and there is not enough room or supplies for them because 'important people' are coming. In spite of this Mr Boyle puts up a fight so himself and the children stay. Unfortunately not all of the 'important people' make it to the shelter as they have obviously been injured or killed by the bomb: the only ones who arrive are Doctor Ainsworth and Mary Burroughs, Mr Burroughs' wife. Another event which took place before the Doctor and Mrs Burroughs arrived was the departing of some of the class-mates, who go to search for their families, one of these people being a boy called Tom who is the only one to return to the shelter. However, on his return he is too much of a risk because of the radiation poisoning he has, so sadly My Boyle, Mr Burroughs and Dr Ainsworth has to give Tom a tablet which will kill him. ...read more.


I also think that in this scene you find out a lot about the character's personalities because they all have to work together and are put under a considerate amount of stress. I think one of the most remarkable characters in the play is Mr Ted Boyle the class' teacher. He is Courageous, caring, understanding, friendly, considerate to other people's views and an optimist. In the following paragraph I will explain why Mr Ted Boyle is all of the things I have just said: The reason I think Mr Boyle is courageous is because he stood up for the class and himself when Mr Burroughs first tried to get them to leave the shelter which resulted in them getting to stay. He also went outside into the strange 'new world' which they couldn't be one-hundred percent certain was safe. I would describe Mr Boyle as being caring because he helps Gillian while she is pregnant even though he is not married and has no children but he still tries to help even without any experience. The fact of Gillian being pregnant brings me into the next point I made about him being understanding, I think he is understanding because he doesn't give Terry into trouble for sneaking out of the bunker because he realises that Terry is just trying to do the best for Gillian and the baby, this also shows that he is considerate to other people's views because he listens to what Gillian and Terry want to do when they say they want to get married, he thinks it is okay as long as they feel they are ready for these sorts of commitments. ...read more.


Again at the end of the book there is another biblical reference in a conversation that occurs between Mr and Mrs Burroughs when the first rainbow that they have seen since the nuclear explosion appears: Mrs Burroughs A rainbow. First we've seen for a long time. Mr Burroughs First rain we've had since we came up top. Mrs Burroughs Remember the Bible, Adam? Mr Burroughs Not very well, love. Which part? Mrs Burroughs The Flood. The rainbow... it was supposed to be a sign. Mr Burroughs What of? Mrs Burroughs That God wouldn't destroy the world again. Mr Burroughs He did though, didn't he? Mrs Burroughs Somebody did. As you can see from the above quote, even though these people do not seem to be extremely religious people they still remember the importance of the 'old world.' I think that this script is quite good, however it is over too quickly. It is as though you are reading the book and it is just getting to a really good part and the next few pages are missing, it feels as though it is half finished and you are waiting for a sequel. The subject of the book as you have read is based on a nuclear explosion which I think is an interesting story line because it is a realistic scenario. I found the book to be plain and simple, there were no hidden twists that you had to figure out for yourself which did make it slightly boring. On the whole I enjoyed this book because it has great characters that are just normal people who's lifes are turned upside down by modern technology. Page 1 ...read more.

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