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Describe the significance of the Cold War - Exlpain why it ended and how countries are adapted to the new political conditions that now exist.

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Assignment 2 Modern World Study (Part A) The Cold War By Ryan Webster Describe the significance of the Cold War. Exlpain why it ended and how countries are adapted to the new political conditions that now exist. The Cold War was not acctually a physical war faught between two or more Countries, it was a conflict between Cummunism and Capitalism that was mainly between Russia (Communsits) and The United States of America ( Capitalism). Both had different opinions on how a Country should be run, Russia believing in a Dictatorship whileAmerica believed in a democracy. Before World War Two there was a sense of hatred and fear between the two different Factions, as it where. But they never engaged in a physical manner and never resorted to threats or worse scenarios. But when World War Two started they had to put there differences behind them and unite for a common goal, the goal was to defeat Germany and its Allies, but still even though the War was going on the conflict was still there under the surface waiting to reapear once the final victory had come. Though the partnership during the was as strong as possible, they where in reality fighting two wars, the first and most important at the time was the war against the Germans and her Allies, but the second was the fight to remain free from disagreement. Both didn't trust one another during the War, but this was because the USA was afraid of Communsim, while at the same time Russia was wanting Communism to spread. The War finally came to a bitter end after many years of misery, destruction and hatred, the War had left Germany in a terrible state, not just physically but at the same time financially. They had been completely devestated in a sense beyond repair for many years, but the Capitalist Countries thought that it would be a good idea to help the Germans, to help them rebuild to strengthen thier economy and give them a thriving chance once again. ...read more.


out the window SALT I/SALT II had failed and it was his job to dowhat was necesary to provide for his Coutry once again. So after the talks where made he was able to save a little money to help provide for his Country but unfortunatly it cosr nearly as much to dismantle the weapons as it did to buid them. He also proclaimed Perestroika and Glasnost, the whole meaning behind these two words was that of reform, reform the economy and find a way to improve contacts from Western Europe and America. And the whole openness, the point of this was toget rid of the corrupt Communsim officials and make the whole leading government a more efficient and providing for the people, not just themselves. Thismeans that peoplewould get more say in what the Country was doing (leading away from Communism in a way), and giving the freedom of choice. But the problem with trying to modernise Russia was that it was locked in the past, it's like getting use to a house and then when u've found out where everything goes etc you move out and start all over again, the people where justnot willing, and consequently in doing this Russia was losing it's power over the USSR, and after making his speech in January 1987 it was clear that Russia would not stand in the way of Countries turning Capitalist. They didn't have the abilities or funds and consequently they lost their strenght and power and where reduced in ability and funds. They where becoming weaker. But he was a good person he realised that the Cold War should come to an end, he saw it as a pointless waste of funds men, he was losing the battle and it wasn't his battle in the first place, he took the battle over from others, others who had different opinions and views to his own. ...read more.


Now that the Cold War has finally come to an end after so many years America is still the most dominant Country in the World, they are powerful, not just because of their size but because of their economical dominance, they are wealthy and as things go they are our Worlds Leaders, maybe this is a good thing, maybe they are not but they are dominant, people and Countries fear them more than ever, but they can be beaten this was proven in Vietnam. In thier opinion they did not lose but in reality they did, they couldn't beat their enemey and was forced to leave , so the big all powerfull leaders where beaten by someone so small. Russia has to concentrate on its econemy, they have to re-build and start providing for their selves once again, they have to be strong and have to what is necesaryto start providing and getting back to its former glory. The past may have past and Communism is a thing of the past for many, it still lurks around the corner, they have to avoid temptation, have to avoid conflict and learn to live in peace, buiding and strengthening. America is still strong, many Countries have debtstowards America and consequently thwy will continue to strive to be the most dominant, size and money is what makes them the 'Big Boys', thats why people will continue to fear them, and countries like our own will treat America like this almighty power and make them out to be so amazing, but inreality they are just like everyone else. Russia came out the worst after the Cold War there is no doubting that, but if we all can continue to live in peace and work together to form a better world then maybe, just maybe there is a chance for us all to live a better life together hand in hand working side by side, building and providing and helping together. Together to create a better World for the future. ...read more.

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