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Determine whether I think Elizabeth the first deserved the title, 'Good Queen Bess.'

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This essay will determine whether I think Elizabeth the first deserved the title, 'Good Queen Bess.' Elizabeth Tudor was the daughter of Henry the Eighth and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. She ruled Britain for 45 years, from 1558 until 1603. My resources and information is mainly from the booklet I read in class, and the book, 'History Alive.' First of all I would like to say that it is hard to decide completely an outcome for which you are decided 100% in favour or against in anything, and especially when you are talking about a person, because if you think about it most people are often always confused about themselves, and therefore it is hard to determine the character of a woman who died almost 400 years ago. But I have decided that mainly, from my point of view, Elizabeth I did deserve the title, 'Good Queen Bess.' To arrive at this outcome, I studied several aspects of her reign, the main subjects being: Religion, Parliament, the Armada, and Mary, Queen of Scots. ...read more.


Although her parliament might not have agreed with me on this point, as they encouraged her to stick to one religion. Though there was a Parliament in Elizabeth's time, it was nothing like the one that is held in London now. The Elizabethan Parliament was only called when the Queen wished it, and its members were rich men. Parliament was also only allowed to discuss matters that were given by the Queen for it to discuss, as she believed that it was her right, and hers alone to decide on items of conflict to the realm. One main item perpetually on the agenda was the subject of Elizabeth's marriage, to produce a successor to the throne. Elizabeth never married, and is often known as the 'Virgin Queen, ' though whether that was true is a matter on which historians are undecided. Nevertheless it was considered extremely important for a suitable heir to be produced for the future ruling of the throne, but whenever the issue was raised Elizabeth had a fit of temper, and basically said that it was her business and no one else's. ...read more.


Eventually, he prepared an Armada to attack England, but it failed and the Spanish returned home. I think that Elizabeth could have behaved with a little more diplomacy to avoid war, and she didn't actually help to defeat the Spaniards, although she did make a very stirring speech to her troops, which started, 'I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a great king.' Also, lots of her injured soldiers who returned home alive were not paid and were left to beg in the streets for the remainder of their lives, although that might be a different issue. So basically I do think that Elizabeth deserved the title, 'Good Queen Bess,' because she was very innovative and forward thinking for her time, and wasn't too cruel for her time. One thing is sure, and that it that she was certainly a very interesting woman. In conclusion, I would like to end this essay thanking you for reading it, I hoped you enjoyed it. ...read more.

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