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Discuss the statement that 'the impression that the British faced the Blitz with courage and unity is a myth'.

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5. From my knowledge I have found out that the statement, 'the impression that the British faced the Blitz with courage and unity is a myth', is true because it is just a fallacy. People didn't stick together when the air raid sirens went off they ran scared for their lives not caring if anyone else got to the shelter and they were starting to move into the shelters so that they didn't keep on having to walk back and forth of a night time and people also start moving into subway station because they were scared they were going to die if they stayed above ground. But also my knowledge has taught me that this statement is not true because it is not saying about the people who help each other by working together after an air raid. Source A disagrees with the statement because the source says that ordinary people can be heroes his actual words are 'courage and unshakeable determination' which means that they were strong through the war and their morale was always high but this man only wrote this Source because it is the prologue of his book so he is just trying to sell his book by glorifying the British people and h could have stretched or changed the truth. ...read more.


It was taken at the beginning of the war in September 1940 which was before people morale had started to drop too rapidly and it was like a boost before it happened to them. Source D is in agreement with the statement because it shows that people had to start to get us to the destruction and devastation which is shown in this picture which was taken at the end of 1940 in November but it wasn't uncensored until the beginning of the next year in February. But it is also in disagreement with the statement because it also shows people helping each other trying to find their personal belongings. Source E is in agreement with the statement because it says that people ran around like headless chickens which shows that they need more training and the people who had their own Anderson or Morrison shelters still ran around like headless chickens because they didn't know if they were going to get to their shelters in time and they also were scared that by the time they got home their house would have been destroyed which was always a risk during the blitz. ...read more.


effort and how the attendance at work was still high which was probably thought to drop because of the air raids and people moving out of the cities and especially the East End. The ministry of information sent out videos which showed people why they were working for the war effort and how it was benefiting their loved ones on the front line. This source was written along time after the war and after censorship in 1988 meaning the author of the source would be able to write the truth but the truth would have changed because it had been along time since the war had ended. Most of the Sources that support the statement also have a side that doesn't support the statement and the same with some of the one that don't support the statement. Also the source which support the statement are all primary source which was taken from the time and they have written or photographed the event at the time it happened and all the ones that disagree with the statement are the source that are secondary and have been written long after the event and the events change as time goes by. ...read more.

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