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Eisenhower's Command.

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Eisenhower's Command Although Dwight D. Eisenhower had never been in combat, he was appointed by the U.S Army to lead the Normandy invasion in World War II. He had shown good skills in serving under Macarthur in the Philippines and in his service in the Italy campaign of 1943. The Allies wanted to set up a second front in France. So they planned to ship three million men, many assault vehicles, and transports across the English Channel at Normandy. The success of the war rested on General Eisenhower's shoulders. The date for the Normandy invasion code named Overlord was set for June 5, 1944, which was to be known as D-day. ...read more.


As supreme commander, Eisenhower had to make the decision of whether or not to go through with it. After giving it some thought he exclaimed, "Ok let's go". So on June 6,1945, the most powerful invasion in history was underway. The Germans, who figured an invasion was impossible in that weather, were taken completely by surprise. The invasion was a grand success because of Eisenhower's good judgment. Another example of the general's cunning initiative was seen at the Battle of the Bulge. At the start of the Germany's final attempted invasion at the Ardennes forest, nobody had any idea of the power behind the nazi attack. ...read more.


However, he knew that the Germans would defend their capital to the very end, inflicting heavy casualties. The Allies had just come off the deadliest battle in American history at the Bulge, so Eisenhower decided to instead direct his attention to the scattered military remnants throughout Germany. He let the Russians go for Berlin. Thousands of Russians ended up dying in the taking of the German capital. At the close of the war, General Eisenhower, known as Ike, was celebrated as one of the greatest heroes of the war. This fame was well deserved for he had led the Allies to victory, defeating probably the greatest evil empire the world has ever known. Dwight D. Eisenhower is- to this day- revered as a hero and he is someone the American people will never forget. ...read more.

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