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Explain why Henry VII passed the Negotiation Acts

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Explain why Henry VII passed the Navigation Acts (12) The most important reason why Henry VII passed the Navigation acts in 1485 and 1489 was to maximise the amount of exports from England by increasing the number of English ships. Both acts were designed to encourage English ship building and specified that English ships and crews had to be used in certain areas for exports and imports. Consequently the English trade industry made a greater profit because the industry had a larger number of ships disposable at one time. ...read more.


Because the acts encouraged an increase in construction of English ships, the trade industry could use more English ships to export goods rather than having a having to resort to hiring foreign ships because of the deficit of English ships. The hiring of foreign ships was expensive and reduced profits from exports of cloth and wool, consequently Henry VII?s decision to pass the Navigation Acts was probably swayed by the attractive increase in profits from the increased availability of English ships. These Navigation Acts in 1485 and 1489 ad some success however by the end of Henry?s reign 50% of England?s exports were still carried out by foreign ships. ...read more.


Since the Navigation Acts would ensure the increase of ships which had multiple advantages for Henry e.g. defence, Henry signed the two acts in 1485 and 1489. The most important reason for Henry?s decision to pass the two Navigation Acts was the acts? encouragement to build more ships. The increase in ships was the main purpose of the acts and this would ensure the maximum amount of exports left England. Therefore this aspect was of far greater importance in influencing Henry?s decision than the added benefit of an increased profit because of reduced use of foreign ships, and also the benefit of added defence. ...read more.

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