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Explain why the NEP was adopted in 1921

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´╗┐Explain why the NEP was adopted in 1921 The NEP was only ever meant to be a temporary policy to boost the economy after the disasters of WW1 and the Civil War. As it was allowing peasants to earn profit and increased trade, it was a capitalist measure. This created considerable turmoil within the Bolshevik party ? many (notably the Left) despised it. They argued that in order to achieve communism, the means of production had to be owned by the workers. ...read more.


Although the NEP was hated by the Bolsheviks, it was still left wing. It still allowed the Bolsheviks to secure control over large enterprises and banks, but the difference was that it allowed small businesses and farmers to sell their surpluses for profit. Another reason for the introduction of the NEP the fact that there were no other real alternatives that wouldn?t result in a disaster. The main alternative was the militarisation of labour, but Lenin had lost the support of the peasantry because of the severity of War communism. ...read more.


In this sense the NEP fully succeeded. It also saw the recovery of the economy to a certain extent, which was what Lenin was aiming for. Lenin, as a pragmatist, saw the NEP as a controlled retreat which would allow Russia to recover from the wars ready for its attack on capitalism and for industrial growth. As with all compromises, there were disadvantages to the NEP. It allowed people to take advantage of the system and enrich themselves; these peasants were given the name ?Nepmen?. It also widened the gap between the classes. ...read more.

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