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Explain why the Tories won the General Election in 1957,

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Explain why the Tories won the General Election in 1959? The Tories won in the 1959 was a due to a culmination of factors that both forced Labour?s downfall in support and promulgated ?just how good life was? for the British people under Tory rule. Possibly the most important reason for the Tory victory was the growing economic prosperity. This ideology was one of the Tories key focuses since they came back into power in the post war elections of 1951 and Macmillan did a sterling job in continuing the great work by creating what was known as the ?age of affluence? allowing Britain to shine through as one of the World?s major economic powers. Bolstered by an improvement of world trade in the later 1950s, which enabled Britain to import about 29% more goods than it had in 1951 for the name number of exports proved that Britain was truly changing for the good. ...read more.


sent troops to Lebanon and Jordan in the summer of 1958 with Harold Macmillan and Eisenhower at the metaphorical helm of the ship. As well as this impressive progressions in foreign relations, Macmillan also went to the effort of individual effort of smartening himself up as the middle-classes came up with endless superlatives to describe him; even the working classes saw him as ?masterful? and ?authoritative?. This contrasted severely with Labour?s candidate, Hugh Gaitskell, who wasn?t as appealing to the public, He struggled in televised debates where Macmillan?s concise and considerably more nerve-free presentation skills left him as a wreck who was clearly struggling and out of his ball park as a politician. Liking of a politician is a huge thing coming into the election period and Macmillan?s considerably better technical abilities set him out as much more of a stand out character in comparison to Gaitskell. ...read more.


As much as Labour?s downfall was still important to their defeat, it was the most influential factor in the Tories victory. To conclude, I believe there were three factors in which the two parties heavily contrasted that led to the Victory of the Tories. The most important factor, Economic prosperity under Tory rule which saw a 29% rise in Trade imports contrasted with Labour?s ideas of commodity and service nationalisation. Tories were also led by a strong powerful leader in Macmillan, a worldwide established politician, who was a complete divergence of Gaitskell, who was seen in the public eye as a ?timid? opponent with a lack of Television skills. The final factor was the policies of the party itself. Conservatives plans to boost the economy causing a Boom effect and retaining the ?age of affluence? that many had enjoyed under their previous term contrasting with Labour?s links with nationalism and illegitimate pledges. A gulf in class in each factor eventually led to the tories victory with a 49% share of the votes. ...read more.

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