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For A Christian, Nuclear War Can Never Be Justified.

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For A Christian, Nuclear War Can Never Be Justified. I agree that this kind of war can never be justified. As a Christian I find the whole prospect of nuclear war very disturbing, knowing that a single bomb the size of a briefcase could kill hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and ruin our planet and threaten the continuation of life on earth. This is the most obvious point, but another is that the church has now accepted minor weapons such as guns and knives and also bombs used during the two world wars. ...read more.


Looking at recent figures, there have been over two hundred and fifty wars since the end of the Second World War, which was over fifty years ago, but obviously there haven't been any other world wars. I am positive this is because nuclear weapons have frightened many countries away from combat with each other seeing that twenty nations can make nuclear and have the capacity to construct the bombs. Then when this point is mentioned, the argument supports the existence of nuclear weapons. Some Christians believe that nuclear arms can always be justified. ...read more.


As it's waves blast to a distance of one hundred km from where the bomb is dropped in Leicester for example, these people would die within a fortnight, again make shift shelters would provide some protection. Two hundred km is near to London, is likely that most people will survive, some will be extremely ill and may cause cancer and produce deformed babies. The protection from a shelter under the ground with no air intakes would save some lives. I think the world should completely banish nuclear weapons for the damage created and caused by the bomb. ...read more.

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