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For a Christian, nuclear war can never be justified - Do you agree of disagree?

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Emily Smith For a Christian, nuclear war can never be justified. Do you agree of disagree? "Every act of war directed to the indiscriminate destruction of whole cities or vast areas with their inhabitants is a crime against God and man" ( from Bishops at the second Vatican Council). This is saying that for a Christian nuclear war which indiscriminately destroys all in its path, is unthinkable and cannot be justified. Defending ones country does not justify immoral means, for example weapons which kill and threaten the world. Given this, could a Christian ever think that nuclear war is right? No Christian would argue for nuclear war, but some Christians do agree to possessing nuclear weapons, as defence or as a deterrence but hope never actually to use them. Nuclear arms provide people with a false sense of security: you would have means of defence, but people become more insecure because of having them. This is because it makes people feel that because they have weapons they are safe which is not true, but also it makes people feel that they will be attacked which causes a great deal of anxiety. ...read more.


The major arms industries are in the developed world, providing employment there and money earned from abroad, mainly from third world countries financed by borrowing money. Most war now happens in the developing third world. In the "Just War Theory" created by Thomas Aquinas, it says that war should be fought for peace. With nuclear war, at the end of a bombing there may not even be a world left, because the effects are so extreme. For example, in Hiroshima the nuclear war has left damaging after effects which last from generation to generation. Children are still being born with cancer and deformities and it has left damaging effects in the atmosphere. Another of the just war theories says that war has to be proportional, using nuclear arms and blasting the world into eternity is not in proportion to establishing peace. Some Christians who argue against nuclear war have not thought how the world get rid of all nuclear weapons for ever, because the technology remains, they can still be built again even if all the known weapons are removed. ...read more.


Also, one of the Ten Commandments is " thou shalt not kill" and a nuclear war will undoubtedly end up with many deaths. In conclusion, nuclear war causes immense suffering, deaths and destruction of the environment, it encourages hatred and greed and it is unjust. However will we ever be able to rid the world of nuclear arms now that the advanced technology is here? Will fear of attack by stronger forces mean a reluctance to disarm? How will the developed world respond to the events of 9-11 and the fear that even small organisations such as terrorist organisations are now developing nuclear weapons. So as Christians what is our responsibility? The idea of "just war" could be supported, as this forbids nuclear war. But maybe most importantly, Christ's great commandment at the last supper, that we "should love each other as He loved us ", which provides a way of relating to each other that if really understood, provides a way of defeating war? Word Count: 882 ...read more.

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