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Henry foreign policy

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Explain why Henry was concerned about relations between France and Brittany early in his reign. Henry had to be concerned about relations between France and Brittany for many reasons the main be security. France is very close to England and has a lot of coastline to easily attack from so increasing the amount of coastline they have would be bad for Henry believes he will be under attack by the French who are long enemies of the English. Henry could not risk this as he was an uneasy king who did not have many allies among the nobles. He took the crown from an invasion from Brittany and since has had little support from the nobles. France was also one of the super powers at the time so could not be risked to be upset by England who were a small country in comparison. Before the battle of Bosworth Henry had spent 14 years in exile which meant who had strong relationship with Brittany. This meant that Henry was likely to try and repay Brittany how he can which includes through protection. ...read more.


Henry Also sponsored Cabot on his search for new found land. This was good for prestige because this meant that England was expanding further and the rest of the world could see the evidence of this. Cabot did find land in what is now parts of Canada and Labrador it was called Newfoundland. However Henry did refuse to sponsor Christopher Columbus who discovered South America. Henry also set up the League of Cambrai which was an alliance created against Spain. However in 1508 he was expelled from the league by Ferdinand of Spain who was invited in by Louis XII of France. So prestige did improve Henry's prestige however it also was affected by foreign policies. The Tudors Dynastic security was also a very important factor because this meant the Tudor name would live on. The Medina del campo gained a lot of security for the future of England. This meant that Arthur and Catherine would have to get married but England and Spain became long time allies. Prince Arthur's Marriage to Catherine of Aragon would make sure that the Tudor name could carry on and with the Spanish as strong allies. ...read more.


However 1493 England banned trade with Burgundy as they were housing rebels to the English throne. This was bad for trade as Ayton was in Burgundy and was the European capital of cloth and English exports were 95% wool. Lastly the navigation acts in 1485/86/89 said that all English exports had to use English ships unless there was not one ready. Spain said that because of the navigation acts we could not trade with the new world which affected the maximum amount of trade we could have received. Overall this was important for a new king to increase his revenue as this could pay for an unexpected war or set his son up for an easy reign like he did. This was then also a success as there was a massive increase to trade and therefore wealth. In summary Prestige was important for Henry's foreign policy however so was security and trade. He was successful in achieving all of the aims in one way or another. And they did all play an important role but being an unsettled new king he probably was concentrating on security more because if he could invade and take over the throne with a small army what is stopping anyone else. ?? ?? ?? ?? Niall Ashton ...read more.

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