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How And Why Did The Americans Become More Increasingly Involved In Vietnaam Between 1954 And 1964?

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How And Why Did The Americans Become More Increasingly Involved In Vietnaam Between 1954 And 1964? Between 1954 and 1964 the United States became increasingly involved in the war in Vietnam. This was due to a number of reasons. The Americans did not want communism spreading throughout Asia and Europe so they had to intervene in order to prevent this from happening and in order to abolish communism as much as possible. There were many events which contributed to America becoming more and more involved in Vietnam. America greatly feared communism due to the fact that it was a threat to America's Capatalist ways. America was content with the way in which their country was run and did not want or like the idea of it being changed and did not favour the idea of the West being taken over by Communism at all. ...read more.


men that they had no choice but to become more and more involved in Vietnam otherwise communism would spread further and further until it had engulfed the whole world which was the USA's biggest fear. In 1947 the Truman Doctrine gave the USA the foreign policy objective of preserving democracy against the spread of communism across the world. The "domino theory" emerged out of the Truman Doctrine in 1947. At this time Greece was under great threat of being taken over by communist ways and the American secretary said that if Greece was taken over by communism then Turkey and other close by countries soon might follow the same way and Soviet domination might spread over the middle - east and Asia which is the same as a line of dominos; when one is knocked over it thus knocks the next and they fall one after another until all are fallen to the ground. ...read more.


This was when the USA sent a ship into the Gulf of Tonkin to supposedly gather information however many believe it was just an attempt to lure the Vietnamese submarines to attack it so that America had a reason to retaliate and send in more and more troops to fight the Vietcong. The supposed plan worked. The American ship ad underwater torpedos fired at it however it was undamaged and later sank the submarines. This caused the USA to become more involved in Vietnam however many say it was a planned scheme by the American president. So, altogether we see that America became more and more involved in the war in Vietnam because basically they seemed to have no other option but to do it otherwise they faced world spread of communism. If they did not become greatly involved then communism would spread more and threaten the USA's supremacy and its Capitalist views altogether. ...read more.

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