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How Does the Director convey the message without a narrator?

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How Does the Director convey the message without a narrator? Dear America: letters homes from Vietnam is a documentary shows the plight of a nation when the American's military troops to Vietnam with Goals that are undefined and unattainable. This Documentary's director Bill Couturie had chosen not to use a narrator for this special reality documentary. This documentary had taken me on an emotional roller coaster ride with the ground force military images, in close combat with the enemy and the vicious jungle atmosphere. The straight shooting and the music draw on our emotions, but more importantly, the documentary became informative and increases the reality of this. The director conveyed the message by showing how quickly the atmosphere could change in war with the impetuous cuts from calmness, where the men were searching through the jungle and villages, to extreme battle where men fighting for their lives, some of the young men having their lives cut short in this pointless battle. " And when the firing started, it wasn't like a sniper shot or anything. ...read more.


Although some of the teams has gone back to America at the end but some white and black soldiers can't be friends no more due to the rascism. The music also helped to convey the message throughout the documentary. The song lyrics were a reflection of the attitude and fears of the men. It included " wipe out" by the Sufaris, " Are you Experienced?" by Jimmy Hendrix and " Beat goes on" the protest song. The lyrics are the speech of the soldier's example such as " Sometimes I feel lonely, no one cares for me." " Take me to an airport, put me on a plane, I got no expectation to see this place again. One was a rich man, but now I'm so poor." From this part of lyrics, it had clearly reflected how much the soldiers want to go home. And how their lives have been affect by this meaningless war. Bill Couturie uses sequences as well to convey this important message of this. ...read more.


They tell me the letters I write to you and leave here at this memorial are waking others up to the fact that there is still much pain left, after all these years, from the Vietnam War. This I know. I would rather have had you for 21 years, and all the pain that goes with losing you, than never to have had you at all. Mom There are moments here that cannot be forgotten, and most of them are due to the hard work of the filmmaker, director Bill Couturie, who has not taken just any words and any old footage, but precisely the right words to go with the images. Couturie began with an anthology of letters written home by U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. At the end of the documentary, there is a unforgettable speech " one thing that worries me...will people want to hear about it? Or will they want to forgot the whole thing happened?" Which also had helped to convey this special message of this documentary " Never forget the soldiers has involved in this meaningless War." Media Studies: Dear America: letters home from Vietnam Jessica Leung 10Y 08/02/01 ...read more.

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