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How effective was Marie d'Medici as Regent?

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How effective was Marie d'Medici as Regent? When Henry IV was assassinated in 1610 his son, Louis XIII, was only eight years old so his mother, Marie d'Medici became Regent. The Regency was meant to have been for four years, until Louis was old enough to rule by himself (13) but Marie carried on her dominating influences until 1617. In her time as regent, Marie was effective in many ways. When Marie came into power in 1610, she quickly got rid of the Duke of Sully, Henry IV key minister. However, she did keep other ministers such as the Duke if Villeroi. This made sure that the country saw continuity and stability. ...read more.


When at the 1614 Estates General, Marie saw a young man called Richelieu; he was an outstanding source of information and gave Marie advice on how to handle situations. She then gave him a small post in the royal council. Without Richelieu it is probable that Marie would have seen many more revolts and rebellions against her, not only this but Richelieu brought a further sense of security to the country. Marie's managerial skills were shown again during conflict between the pope and the French clergy. This could have caused civil war and so prevented possible revolution. Another way in which Marie d'Medici was effective was in keeping the nobility quiet; doing this meant a smaller chance of revolutions and the kept peasants and lower classes quiet in turn. ...read more.


Marie called one in 1614 and this made public confidence in the crown very low and so held back the development of France. An obvious show of ineffectiveness was the revolt of 1614 let by Cond�; he was able to collect a large number of supporters and even some Huguenots supported him. However Marie did help the King reconcile with Cond� and realised that his actions weren't to rid the King but to get some minor power. Another one of Marie's flaws was that she had a tendency to choose favourites, such as Concini. This may have let to some bad decisions by choosing a favourite person and not the best idea. I believe that Marie was quite effective but she only needed to be more confident in herself, not relying on favourites and not calling the 1614 �tats g�n�raux. Nicki Bowskill ...read more.

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