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How far was President Roosevelt able to solve the Economic problems of the USA by 1941?

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´╗┐How far was President Roosevelt able to solve the Economic problems of the USA by 1941? President Roosevelt developed the New Deal in 1933 and its aims were relief and recovery of the victims of the depression and trying to get the recovery going with reform and regulation. Historians still debate whether for not this was successful and if Roosevelt really did help the economy. There were many business and bank reforms, which consisted of ?Fireside chats? and they were there to restore the confidence of the American population. The ?Fireside chats? were over the radio and made him seem friendly and caring towards the public, this would have restored the public?s confidence in him; as well as showing them that he was doing something about the depression. Reform of the banks meant that they were not closed immediately they were are to stay open and start to stabilise themselves. The larger the banks in the big cities would lend money to the small banks in the rural areas so they could stay open, Roosevelt did this to help the Economy because it meant more people were able have loans and keep smaller businesses going. ...read more.


Agricultural relief was another big situation which helped the USA change and get onto its feet. There we many organisations set up to do so, the AAA, TVA and REA also known as alphabet acts. The AAA or Agricultural Adjustment Act which restricted the production of produce, they paid the farmers subsidies not to plant some parts of their land (leave land fallow) and to kill any excess livestock. The TVA or Tennessee Valley Authority was federally owned corporation in the US it was to provide navigation, flood control, electricity generation and economic development in the Tennessee Valley. This solved some of the economic problems in the agricultural area because it meant that less was being produced and going to waste but those farmers where still earning because the government gave them money to keep fallow land. Nonetheless, there were limitations to each of the acts and bill introduced listed above. Businesses were still controlling the politicians and supply support to them, but it also took and extremely long time for it to come into action. The problem which occurred with the unemployment was that it didn?t reduce it enough to have any real cause of effect. ...read more.


These state where able to help men and women who were being persecuted because no extra civil rights legislations were introduced to protect those who needed protecting like African Americans. The second New Deal was basically the improvements and introductions of new policies in the USA. It wasn?t just down to Roosevelt to solve the economic problems there were also other who did work to set it straight. There were men and women like Frances Perkins, Harold Ickes and Harry Hopkins and Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt helped the African American children and infants of the US. She was active in getting justice for black Americans in both New Deal programs. Frances Perkins played a big part in helping the unemployed she was the secretary of Labour and had a particular responsibility for the Fair Labour Standards Act (FLS). In conclusion, it?s shown that it wasn?t just down to Roosevelt who solved the economic problems. There were many other aspects which helped and can be seen as more influential, like the involvement of other bodies like Eleanor Roosevelt and Frances Perkins. Who helped the unemployed and the people who were being persecuted because of skin colour and their immigration status. ...read more.

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