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How important was foreign support for Henry Tudor in explaining Richard III

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How important was foreign support for Henry Tudor in explaining Richard III's defeat at Bosworth? Richard III had proved to be a strong king. Richard had many strength such as crushing Buckingham's rebellion and taking Buckingham's heir as his ward after Buckingham was executed. He stopped Henry Tudor's initial invasion of England. Also by 1483 there was no more open opposition to him and the threat from the Woodville's was extinguished with many of them in exile and who ever was left was rendered powerless. After crushing Buckingham's rebellion he confiscated a huge by both Buckingham and the nobles who had joined his rebellion, this land he then controlled and used to reward those who were loyal to him and also gain capital from the lands by letting them out. Two years later half the peers of the realm were firm supporters of Richard III. So how was it that such a strong king was able to be defeated by someone who was foreign in the eyes of many? Henry Tudor's claim to the throne was very weak but then so was Richard III's. His grand-mother was the mother of Henry IV; this proved that he came from a line of royalty. ...read more.


When Henry Tudor was in France he did not know if h had any support for when he arrived so the men he had been given by the French king were extremely important as they were the ones who would help him defeat Richard III at the battle of Bosworth. He had 2000 foreign men accompanying him which is a very small army, however although his army was small he had the advantage or foreign mercenaries they had battle tactics learnt from the Swiss which gave him an advantage. Tudor planned on picking up support as he marched from Wales were he landed from France to Leicester where he met Richard III for the battle. Henry Tudor moved up the coast taking time to send messages to potential allies to build his numbers up it was important for him to do this because without the people joining his cause as he would not have enough men in his army and also if they didn't join him they may depose him as King once he kills Richard. Though foreign support was extremely important in gaining him entry into the country and enabling him to fight with Richard III at the battle of Bosworth he still needed more men in order to win. ...read more.


Gilbert Talbot and the influence from Sir William Stanley and Thomas Lord Stanley and the fact that the Stanley's joined in on Tudor's side instead of Richards played a key role in him winning the battle; thanks to all these men Henry Tudor was able to build up an army which lead him to victory at Bosworth showing that support from the country was a necessary and important factor for him to win the battle. However, without the help of France in the situation and the gifts that Henry Tudor received such as a fleet and 200 men with the methods of war that had not been seen in Britain so British soldiers would have found it hard to fight against them then he wouldn't have been able to get into the country. Also if France would have rejected him from his court to cause less trouble as they had their own problms with a young heir he would have been able to be captured by Richard III and wouldn't have been able to fight at the battle of Bosworth. This means that the foreign support being the initial factor was the most important factor in explaining how Henry Tudor defeated Richard III at the battle of Bosworth. ?? ?? ?? ?? History Essay India Scully ...read more.

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