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How Significant A Role Did Britain Play In The War Against Germany?

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How Significant A Role Did Britain Play In The War Against Germany? "Soviet success in Kursk was the single most important victory of the war." This was observed by Richard Overy and brings out the point that Britain was not the main force in the war. Yet the British influence in the war was important, and sometimes completely vital as the Americans may have got involved too late or not at all if the British had not forced them into it, but the Russians and Americans, I believe, were the main force of the war because of the number of people and resources that they brought into the war. In 1940 Britain was the only main power against the German threat. Hitler had offered the British a peace treaty on moderate terms and had presumed the British would not want to fight. Yet the British did not conform to his plans and decided to fight Hitler. This was very important because if Britain had given into Hitler, he would have controlled Western Europe. This is important because it would have meant that when Hitler had later attacked Russia he would have only had a war on one front. ...read more.


It could have also meant that Britain could have been starved out and forced to surrender. One way that the British played a vital role in this battle was because they were able to decipher the Ultra codes by attaining the Enigma machine. The Germans used the Ultra codes to send messages to the U-boats. With the new invention of the 'Huff Duff' by the British they were able to defeat the German threat. This supremacy of the Atlantic greatly aided the ability to bring across American bombers. These factors were vital for the later Bomber Offensive to go through smoothly. In the spring of 1942, the British bombing was not particularly successful as only 25% of bombs reached within five miles of its target, but by 1944 the bombing had destroyed 35% of German aircraft and 35% of German tanks. This was obviously a massive help in the war effort as it meant that much of Germany's aircraft and tanks had been removed for the rest of the war. It also drew the aircraft away from the Eastern front as in early 1943, 70% of German fighters were in Western Europe. ...read more.


The invasion was so significant because it enabled the allied troops to be able to capture many German troops. It also sent the German high command into panic. Dollman, commander of 7th Army, died suddenly on June 28, just after the surrender of Cherbourg and to add insult to injury Rundstedt confessed defeatism to Hitler, and urged him to make peace. Hitler did not accept the defeat and many high ranked officers were forced to resign, most significantly Rommel, who committed suicide shortly afterwards. Overall I think that Britain did play a big part in the war, only third to Russia and America. I think, had Britain lost the war early on or had Britain signed a peace treaty with the Germans it would have made a big difference to the outcome of the war. If the British had also lost the Battle Of Britain in would have been a lot harder to make the Bombing Offensive happen. This supremacy of the air really helped the other forces and for example the amount of freedom that the Russians had in the air at the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk really does show that Britain did make a big difference in the war against Germany. Jack Field 11H 1 ...read more.

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