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How useful are source A to C to explain why the United States became involved in Vietnam

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How useful are source A to C to explain why the United States became involved in Vietnam From 1857 the French had proclaimed that Vietnam was theirs and that they had conquered it, in fact they only really conquered it after thirty years of fighting, but in 1885 the Vietnamese formed many nationalist parties who wanted independence and started a rebellion against the French this lasted well into the 20th century, with the French pulling all their troops out because of world war 2 the Vietnamese realised that they had the exact opportunity to step up their attacks. In 1954 the French finally lost control when they were defeated in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, this was the final straw that led America to get involved with the war. During the cold war, which lasted throughout the late 40s and 50s, the beliefs and principles of the two superpowers began to spread further and further apart. Russia started to expand the idea of communism throughout Eastern Europe, stretching out right through Asia. America was also advancing with them becoming one of the richest countries in the world. America were scared as they thought that communism would eventually spread to there and so they were prepared to do everything in their power to stop the spread of communism. ...read more.


He continues and says 'since 1954' he means when the French were defeated in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, then he continues and says "Our objective is the independence of south Vietnam and the freedom of the people of south Vietnam to guide their own country in their own way". President Johnson states that the American army is only their to protect the Vietnamese peoples freedom of speech but this is not so true as he does not want communism to spread even further he had already shown this by showing great military support for the party that he wanted to win intern this was a type of rigging as it secured the party victory. In the next part of his speech president Johnson refers to Berlin and Thailand he is referring to these two in particular as west Berlin had the opposition of the neighbours East Berlin who were communists and also Thailand were facing the threat of communism spreading over from Vietnam as a communism party had already been formed. He also shows his faith in the containment theory as it had worked in Berlin. These were both actually bases of operation for the Americans as they had supplied troops to both of them. ...read more.


The president says how Vietnam isn't really worth it, as there are thousands of lives being lost in the war and that isn't getting him any votes if anything it will be making him lose them. In source c an American professor called Noam Chowsky says that America weren't fighting war against the north they fighting a war against the south and there is plenty of evidence for this because of all the damage caused by defoliants this is what the professor is meaning as most of the jungles which have been there hundreds of years were destroyed in a few short years by the Americans. He says that the Americans wiped out the farming and peasant society by the killing and destroying of crops also by the defoliants. He says that the only reason that America helped South Vietnam was so that they had a base of operations in south East Asia it suggests also that America wanted to expand its own economy, This is what Stalin called economic imperialism. This is a great source, which explains why America really got involved in the war. After the death of president Kennedy in 1963 the war was stepped up from being a little help from America to America totally taking control, this was because of president Johnson as he believed in the domino theory. By Craig Thompson 10TRM ...read more.

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