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How useful are Sources A to C to explain why the United States became involved in the war in Vietnam ?

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How useful are Sources A to C to explain why the United States became involved in the war in Vietnam ? During World War Two Vietnam was occupied by the Japanese, until a strong anti-Japanese party moved in. This party was known as the Viet Minh and was lead by Ho Chi Minh who inspired people to fight for an independent country. At the ending of World War Two the Viet Minh had control of the North of Vietnam. Vietnam had been a French colony before World War Two and the French had returned wanting to control Vietnam in 1945,this is when the Vietnam War began. America and other countries felt sympathetic towards Viet Minh as it was seen as a war against the colonial rule of France but these countries were unaware that Ho Chi Mihn wanted a communists Vietnam. In 1949 communism took over China and this is when America realised Viet Minh`s plans for Vietnam. ...read more.


He also speaks his own opinion in this source. `What the hell is Vietnam worth to this country? `. The reasons stated from the involvement of the US are that `if you start running from the Communists then they may chase you into your own kitchen`. President Johnson believes that they should carry on fighting communism to protect Vietnam although Vietnam is a small country that isn't worth anything to them. If they keep to their agreement in the Truman Doctrine then this will prevent communism spreading to other countries. This source fits into my own knowledge of the Domino Theory. In 1954 Us President Eisenhower explained that if one country falls to communism then the numerous others will fall as well just like a line of dominoes. He believed if Vietnam fall then Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaya, Indonesia and Japan would fall too. ...read more.


In Source A President Johnson seems certain of the US involvement in the Vietnam War but in Source B he is unsure. Source A is also a justification of the war. However, Source C a biased opinion as Noam has an anti war perception and he suggests that resources are wrong. Source A and B state that America was defending the south and attacking the North but Noam Chomsky disagrees. The US government at the time of this source was a very distrusted government although he mirrors the view of the public. In conclusion to these sources think that Source B is the most reliable as President Johnson is speaking his own mind and it is around time of the war so this makes it a primary source. Although it does go against things said in Source A and C. The president doesn't seem sure of his involvement in the war but he knows not to go against a promise he has made to other countries which is the main reason that he carried on involvement in the war. ...read more.

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