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How useful are Sources D and E in helping you to understand the importance of the work of women in industry during the First World War.

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Qu 3 How useful are Sources D and E in helping you to understand the importance of the work of women in industry during the First World War. Sources D and E are both useful when you are trying to understand how important the work of women in industry was during the First World War. Source D tells you that women are a temporary solution until the men get back from fighting the actual war. It shows you that the factory workers are using the women. This hasn't been hidden because at the back of the factory on a board this has been written "When the boys come back we are not going to keep you any longer girls". ...read more.


This means their morale may be low so they may not be working as hard or as well as they could. This is the reality image of how working in a munition factory actually is its horrible especially because you know you are only being used. This source is only one picture of one munition factory. This factory may not be like this all the time the writing may have only got put up there because the photo was being taken. We also don't know why the photo got taken or who by. This source is still useful though because it tells you that the attitude of factory owners is that they don't respect the hard work and commitment the women workers put in they only want the women workers to know that they are being used because there is no one else. ...read more.


The poster is trying to encourage women to work in munition factories. It is putting across that women are very important in the World War One effort. It is a public image that everyone will see so the women who do not work in munition factories at the moment and the men who aren't at war will see it and know how important the women are to Great Britain's war effort and the government. This source doesn't tell you if women are only a tempory measure and when the men get back they will be sent to back to do their old job. These sources both tell you different things but at the same time they are both important to understanding of how important women's work in World War One was. ...read more.

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