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How was it possible that despite Lenin’s warning in his Testament that Stalin would become the unquestioned leader of the Soviet Union by 1928

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Yousef Nassar April.6th.01 2.) How was it possible that despite Lenin's warning in his Testament that Stalin would become the unquestioned leader of the Soviet Union by 1928 Subsequent to Lenin's death on January 24th 1924, there were four candidates determined to occupy his former Position as leader of the Soviet Union. Trotsky, the number two to Lenin, commissar for war and leader of the Red Army, was struggling against his Archrival Stalin, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party; and two additional candidates full of ambition Kamenev and Zinoviev. Why did Stalin out of these four men receive the position especially when Lenin warned about him in his Testament? In Lenin's testament, the observer can read comments such as " Stalin it too rude", "Remove Stalin from his post and replace him" (his post as General Secretary); he virtually asks his people to do away with Stalin and declare Trotsky the new leader. The only imperfection was that his Testament was never revealed to the Russian Society. ...read more.


His work was very closely thought out. He played the position of the moderate against the extremes. Stalin accused Trotsky of Ultra-Leftist Demagogy and joined in a triumvirate against Trotsky with Zinoviev and Kamenev. The latter two probably joined this Triumvirate because they wanted to weaken Trotsky's position to further strengthen theirs. After Stalin's rise to power as the leader of the Russian's, he adopted Trotsky's ideas and turned to the right. In the year of 1928, Stalin abandoned the NEP and brought enforced collectivization. Trotsky was a natural suspect for many Bolsheviks because he was extremely intelligent. Many of them preferred someone ordinary who was not an exception. They were looking for someone more like them and someone who had not only been with them for six years. Trotsky had been a part of the " other side" for a while as a Menshevik. How could the Bolsheviks be sure that he was completely reliable after gaining power? Trotsky in addition allowed free discussion within the party about the various problems Russia was facing. ...read more.


Also, due to their anger about Trotsky's book " The Lessons of October", in which he claimed that the two had opposed Lenin's plans for the revolution, they joined with Stalin to go against Trotsky. Surprisingly enough, after they had rid Trotsky of his position, they would have to face each other to fight for the position of leader of Russia. After a while, the two noticed that they were not in control of the situation. Stalin had many comrades in high positions, such as Bukharin, Rykov and Tomsky. In 1927 Zinoviev and Kemenev were expelled from the Party. After this, the two tried to join with Trotsky to go against Stalin, but this attempt had failed. I think that by now we as the observers have a very good overview of what each one of the four individuals has done. It is my firm belief that if Trotsky had used the Red Army, he could have definitely claimed his place as Leader of the Soviet Union. But due to Stalin's smart tactics, lies and Triumvirate with Zinoviev and Kamenev, Trotsky was gotten rid off. Russia would not be the same as we know it today had Lenin's Testament been published in 1924. ...read more.

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