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Immigration to the USA - write a letter home from a new immigrant

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´╗┐Alex Haugh Honors US History 8B Immigrant Letter Alice, I hope that all is going well back in Sweden, and that you are safe and sound. I?m sorry, that we never formally said goodbye, but life goes on as I know we will meet again someday. Just remember to remain optimistic and pray that you will find employment. Once I have settled down in the United States, I will send food and money to get you through this time of economic turmoil. Though this journey has been long so far, I still have a long ways to go. I have just boarded a train heading to the farmlands of the United States to start a new life as a farmer. The conditions I am faced on the boat were horrendous as I was cramped on a the floor with many other immigrants escaping the turmoil. ...read more.


Finally, after waiting at port for a whole day, we noticed the ship begging to move through the water and away from our home land. Though we were thankful to be out of our country filled with turmoil, we realized that the hardest part was yet to come as we would spend weeks traveling across the Atlantic without being able to sit or sleep. We were given very little food, usually only a small loaf of bread a day and water. Though it was not wise, I seldom drank the water as it was not sterile and many people became ill as soon as it entered their mouths. These conditions worsened as our journey continued. Soon every one of us was sick. Many were not strong enough to fight the sickness and many of the elderly as well as young died. We did not complain though, as with each dead body that was thrown overboard left us with more space. ...read more.


Though many had been able to prove themselves useful, some, but very little were forced to return home. For these people I have prayed heavily for day and night. Many of immigrants stayed in the city were they hoped to find jobs working in a store or restaurant while some, including myself, decided to travel west on a train to the farmlands were we could start our lives a new. Thus, I am currently writing to you as I make my journey westward to start my life anew. The great state of Oklahoma is where I hope to reside as I hear they have rich soil, great for planting and farming. I realize that you, my dear Alice, will not receive this letter for several months, if ever, from this point in time in which I am writing. However, if you ever decide to make the journey over, I promise that it will all be worth it. Sincerely with love, Alex Sources 1. http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/wlhba/articleView.asp?pg=1&id=3120&hdl=&np=&adv=yes&ln=&fn=&q=&y1=&y2=&ci=&co=&mhd=Immigrants&shd=Scandinavian 2. http://www.ellisisland.org/immexp/wseix_3_6.asp? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level History of the USA, 1840-1968 section.

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