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Iraq and America

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Iraq and the USA Introduction The US Iraq conflict has yet to actually be fought using violence, at the moment the US are trying to persuade the United Nations and other countries that going to war with Iraq is the right thing to do. The US's reasons for war are mainly to eliminate Suddam Hussein. Suddam Hussein is the current president of Iraq America would like to eliminate him because of the threat he poses on America and its allies, as Iraq is meant to able to launch biological and chemical attacks on the world. To be able to go to war freely with Iraq the United Nations must agree to this if they do not then the UN will offer no support to the US. For the UN to go to war they had to find out if the US's reasons where legible. To do this they sent in weapons inspectors to check wherever Iraq had the capability to launch a chemical or nuclear strike. ...read more.


The section also contains: A summary of Iraq's ballistic missile programme Actual use of ballistic missile power Maps Iraq is in the Middle East situated next to Iran and accessible through the Gulf. Iraq is believed to have once had extensive chemical, nuclear and biological weapons programmes. But the 1991 Gulf War, subsequent UN inspections, international sanctions and raids by US and British aircraft have seriously damaged its facilities. Some people believe Iraq to have significant stocks of biological and chemical agents. But others suggest that even if it has, these are now so old they no longer work, and in any case Iraq does not have the means to deliver these agents. For Iraq to produce and launch a nuclear bomb it would require a lot of help from another country. This below map shows the suspected weapons sites in Iraq. At this moment in time the uk has about 30 000 troops in the area while the US has about150 000 They are deployed around Iraq as shown by this map. ...read more.


So either way Suddam has already brought our countries down. So in a economic sense Suddam has already won. From a moral standpoint then it is also debateable whether the war shod take place as on the one hand we will be eliminating a possible threat to our country be killing Suddam, but to do this a number of our soldiers will have to die. There is also the fear that we could fall into the same trap as America did during Vietnam the people of Iraq could fight so desperately to defend their country that like the Americans we will be beaten. It would be like approaching a wounded animal. So whether or not we go to war Suddam has in effect already won, if we do go to war then our men will be killed and our economy ruined and if the UN don't allow it then we will have already lost money, and Suddam will still be alive. Myles Simpson 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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