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Is there sufficient evidence in sources A to F to explain why there was an anti-war movement in the United States during the late 1960s and early 1970s?

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History GCSE Coursework John McCarthy 3. Is there sufficient evidence in sources A to F to explain why there was an anti-war movement in the United States during the late 1960s and early 1970s? Source A gives sufficient evidence because it tells us many recruits were of low intelligence, this shows to us that the American government had become quite desperate by introducing conscription. The US was using all its resources which is a good reason for there being an anti-war movement. In this source it tells that most US troops died in the first six months. This indicates to us that there were few experienced troops and the American policy of only giving soldiers a one year tour of duty meant that more soldiers were to die, all because of a lack of experience. ...read more.


People realized what was happening so there would have been much opposition to the war This photo shows what American involvement has done. The only problem with this photo is that there is no evidence to support that the US did this. Source C is sufficient because it shows the difficulties US troops faced. It was by a journalist, which meant it could be read my most Americans. When people hear about these facts they do not want their sons and husbands having to fight like this. Also this source shows the effects on the Vietnamese people from US weapons. When people learn of this they are less supportive of a war and are therefore anti-war. The problem of this source is that it was written for a newspaper and the newspaper might have an anti-war stance and be biased about the problems described by the journalist. ...read more.


This is a very good reason for why there is an anti-war movement because people now know the reality of war and want it to be stopped. It really tells us that it was stupid that a democratic country did not censor the TV. Source F is the film "Born on the Fourth of July". It is very sufficient in explaining why there was an anti-war movement because it starts off in the life of an all-American boy who is proud and patriotic. He joins the marines and serves in Vietnam. While in Vietnam he is wounded and left disabled which means that he can go home. When he arrives back his attitude is changed because of his horrific experiences of war. This source gives good reason for anti-war movement because it shows life of someone who has really experienced it all. This is a real life story which is why it is so sufficient in explaining the reason for an anti-war. ...read more.

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