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Explain why there was a rising in Dublin in 1916.

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History - G.C.S.E Coursework Assignment 1 Question 1 - Explain why there was a rising in Dublin in 1916. There were many causes that led to the Easter Rising taking place and I have put them into Long Term, Short Term and Immediate Causes. Before 1913 nobody could have imagined a Rising possible but something changed between 1913 and 1916, which would lead to the Dublin Rising in 1916. Since the Act of Union in 1800 when the Irish parliament was abolished and Ireland was ruled directly by the British government, many people were dissatisfied. A lot of people in Ireland, 3/4 in fact believed that the irish nation should be ruled by Irish people. ...read more.


The ICA, were founded in 1913 in response to police attacks on striking workers. James Connolly soon arrived in Dublin to re-organise the new military force. He was prepared to strike for an irish Republic. Connolly never had a large following though. The IVF, were formed on 25th November 1913 in Dublin after an Eoin Mac Neill article. By Mid 1914 they had 100,000 men. The IRB Many of these members joined the IVF to use that organisation to stage a rebellion. People like Eamonn Ceant were IRB Men. The Howth Gun Running was another cause, It was when IVF smuggled arms into Howth on 26th July 1914. ...read more.


They refused to fight for Britain. In January 1916 the IRB planned a rising against the British. Patrick Pearse became convinced that freedom could only be achieved by the spilling of Irish blood. This was known as Blood Sacrifice. The IRB needed Mac Neill's support so they forged The Castle Document which stated that the government was about to suppress the volunteers and arrest its leaders, on Holy Thursday. On Good Friday, the German Boat, the Aud with a supply of arms and ammunition was captured and the leader, Sir Roger Casement arrested. On Holy Saturday Mac Neill discovers that the Castle Document was a forgery and therefore call off the Rising by putting an ad in the paper to his men. On Easter Sunday the IRB decide to have the Rising the following day on Easter Monday. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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