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Nazi living standards essay

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  • Essay length: 1644 words
  • Submitted: 09/04/2008
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AS and A Level Modern European History, 1789-1945

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On balance, the impact of Nazi policies on living standards in Germany in the years 1933-39 was unfavourable. How far do you agree with this opinion?

Standard of living can be defined as the quantity and quality of goods available to the public. It could also be measured on how the standards affect people mentally and physically. In Nazi Germany between the years 1933 and 1939 the economy suffered horrendously and this meant that money was worth less and less goods were available to the public. Rearmament was the priority for the government from 1936 and Germany suffered as a result of this through lack of goods.

The three main social classes in Nazi Germany were the workers, the Mittelstand and big businesses. The workers out of the three groups probably benefited from the Nazi's policies the most. There was a huge raise in the number of jobs available to the workers. This meant that more people were being taken off of the unemployment register and more people were in employment. This would have been a huge benefit for this social class because although consumer goods were not being produced as they used to, more jobs in

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