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Not without my daughter - Displacement.

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Displacement Essay Displacement is a state or situation where someone or something is put out of his, her or its usual or proper place or position, dislocated, dispossessed, or forced to move. When used in reference to people it is negative. It is used to say someone has lost their choose or their freedom. Displacement is not always forced. Some people leave their country and go to another country, however, they don't find what they expected to find. In the film "Not without My Daughter" displacement is shown on two levels. On one level Betty and Matab are displaced from America when Moody leads them to think that they are going to Iran for a holiday. ...read more.


His feelings of displacement become greater as his family and the community pressure him to behave controlling manner that is culturally acceptable. In the end of the movie Betty and Matab get away from Iran to an American embassy and Betty says "we're home." Even though they weren't physically home they were away from Iran and almost to America. The poem, "Emergration" also presents some issues to do with displacement. In "Emergration" the person came to Australia and when she arrived she discribes the voices as a "foreign twang." She finds difficult to fit into the Australian culture where "each day as a migrant is like walking against the wind." She feels very alone, isolated and carrying a burden that no body notices. ...read more.


Kim and Twan went to Moscow for their honeymoon. When they arrived Twan commented "they didn't have any warm clothes." To which Kim replied "at least we have our freedom." This shows that in Kim's case, her displacement was benificial and ultimately enabled her to be free. Due to her burns she had to move to Canada for more surgery so she was always moving and couldn't settle down for a long time. In conclusion, displacement can turn out alright in the end like in "Not Without My Daughter." Life may never be the same and will be a constant struggle to adopt to a foreign lifestyle, like in "Emigration." Alternatively, life may be a struggle for a long time, however eventily you may reap the benefits like in "Kim's Story, The road from Vietnam." Luke Davies English Writing Folio Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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