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Oh What A Lovely War.

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Oh What A Lovely War. Act One. * The play opens, * Newspanel how nice the summer of 1914 is. * The (M.C.) comes on and introduces the play and ad-libs. He welcomes everyone and there is input from the Pierrots. * Newspanel how Britain will not go to war. * The M.C. introduces people from different countries of Europe: Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. They are all talking about war, how big their empires are and their national anthems are played. The Germans reveal the plan for the attack on Paris. The countries then state how big their armed forces are. * The Serbs and Austro-Hungarians talk about the shooting of the Archduke Ferdinand, they question who did it and come up with a ridiculous long list of people who could have killed him. The Austro-Hungarians declare war on the Serbia and Russia is mobilised. * Britain declares war on Germany. * Germany mobilises and tries to attack France through Belgium who are neutral but Belgium hold them off. A song is sung to jeer at Germany about how Belgium beat them. * The battlefield is described as being unbelievable with heaps of corpses from both sides. Also how bad the war is and how bullets and shells are always exploding and the wounded are groaning. ...read more.


Happy New Year that will bring us victory. Act Two. * Newspanel opens the act saying about the British losses and the Germans using gas and how we are gaining nothing. * Song 'Oh what a lovely war.' * M.C. announces Conscription Act. Women are told to send their men to become heroes. * During the war 21,000 Americans become millionaires. * Some munitions providers from Britain, France, Germany and America are out shooting they are discussing why munitions didn't get shipped to America due o the blockades by the British navy. In between they shoot grouse and other game birds. They talk about how they hope that peace won't come, as shares will drop and how America might have to join the war if peace looks like it is coming about. The Ghillie tells of how he has 6 of the family on the front line and wonders if the war will soon end. The powers don't think war will end and say it will make men out of those on the front. Germany says how he makes weapons and sells them to the Allies so his own people get killed by his products which is why the Kaiser wants to kill him. ...read more.


* Newspanel: Somme British loss 60,000 on the first day. * Haig's plan for defeating the Germans is decided. * Two British women are talking about how they are melting dead German for glycerine. Two German women are saying the same about the British. * Frantic orders are given out to those on the front line. The men at the front line describe the wounded calling as cattle at a market. * Haig discusses the losses of the attacks in the night, also how long a soldier at the front will live for and the plans for attack by having more soldiers left than the Germans. * A Chaplin announces how the Archbishop allows the soldiers to fight and eat meat on a Sunday now during wartime. The Chaplin, Haig and a Nurse pray for the war to end before America arrives and to help the wounded to heal. * Newspanel carries on announcing deaths and it is thought that bodies will soon have to be burnt. * The condition of the trenches is described as being terrible. * Newspanel says how the British gain ground and how the Germans starve to death due to British blockade. * Each country announces the prospects of war being won in 1918. * France makes a last advance. * Play ends with song 'I don't want to be a soldier,' and finally 'Oh it's a lovely war.' ...read more.

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